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News & Events News & Events Chamfer ICE Airflow panel in action

Chamfer ICE Airflow panel in action

Our Engineers visited the data centre of a university in Hong Kong and replace one of the perforated tiles with a Chamfer ICE Airflow panel.  We saw a almost 6-fold increase in airflow volume!

Chamfer ICE Airflow Panel


Prior to installing the panel, we measured the airflow using an anemometer.


The anemometer was set with a sampling area of 3.875 sq feet and the measurement was made about 3 inches off the floor.

The reading was 840 CFM on the regular perforated tile.

After replacing the perforated tile with a Chamfer ICE airflow panel, we took another measurement, and the reading on the anemometer was 1850 CFM.

The Chamfer ICE Airflow panel is at 56%, therefore the volumetric airflow is:

0.56 * 1850 = 1,202.5 CFM

With the regular perforated tiles the estimated perforation is 25%.  The volumetric airflow is estimated to be:

0.25 * 840 = 210 CFM

That is almost a 6-fold increase in airflow volume!

Although the measurement taken using the anomometer may not be 100% accurate in absolute terms, the relative difference between the value is indicative of the power of Triad's Chmfer ICE Airflow panel.


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