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News & Events News & Events Readers of Wire Free Environment Monitoring Solution mounted up-side-down on to cable ladders

Readers of Wire Free Environment Monitoring Solution mounted up-side-down on to cable ladders

The standard 1.5" by 0.5" cable ladders are pretty common in data centre throughout Hong Kong.  One of our customer, a international co-location provider in Hong Kong, is using such cable ladders to run their cables above their racks. We, at QDS, have created a kit to easily mount our reader onto these cable ladders. They are very small in profile and we can mount the reader up-side-down to ensure the cables care run freely above the reader.

On the left, you see an example of one of our reader mount on-to a standard cable ladder.

For this particular customer, we have deployed 5 of these readers into their data center.  These reader provide wire-free converage for our environment monitoring sensors.

We are working closely with our customer to provide cooling optimization services and solutions. Here are more information regarding our Wire-free environment monitoring solution.

The rising trend where data center equipment heat-density continue to increase, we understand facility manager are facing a problem where they know their is a cooling problem in their data centre, but are unable able to collect solid data to back up their findings.  Deploying a wired-solution simply cannot achieve the sensor density which are required in today's data centers.  The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is an international technical society organized and a leading authority providing recommendations for data center.  In ASHRAE's "Thermal Guidelines for Processing Environments, Second Edition", the recommandedation is to have 3 monitor points, top, middle and bottom of the front door of each IT rack. Imaging doing this with a wired solution!


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