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News & Events News & Events Wire-free fluid detection

Wire-free fluid detection

Wire-free fluid detection tag Wire-free fluid detection tag

Wire-free fluid detection. Very easy to install. The RFID tag transmit wirelessly through the 433 Mhz spectrum to our wire-free rfid environment monitoring solution. Our solution provide a map based view which allow operator to easily identify the correct location of the issue.

Because the solution is wire-free, there is no expensive cabling. In today's dynamically world of data centers, facility manager often find their few years old data center under capacity in terms of cooling.  They have to install new CRAC units in order to ensure enough supply of conditioned air to their servers by adding new CRAC.  Provisioning a new CRAC is painful enough, adding to the burden is running cables to monitor your CRAC. Having a wire-free monitoring solution allow facility manager and operators to add the new CRAC to the same wire-free monitoring solution.

The fluid detection strip comes in a roll. We can easily cut the fluid detection strip on site to fit any configuration desired.  Different strip can be connected via connectors such as the right angle connector shown above.

The strip are attachced to connectors be squeezing the two covers together on to the strip.  The assembly sequency is illustrated in the diagram below.



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