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We cover 6 major areas in the IT/Data Center industry. They are

  • Data Center Facility
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • Media Publishing, Labelling, Storage and Disposal
  • Technical Furniture for Data Centers, NOC and Laboratories
  • Professional Audio Video Connectivity and Extension
  • Ergonomic Mounting and Mobility Applications

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Readers of Wire Free Environment Monitoring Solution mounted up-side-down on to cable ladders

The standard 1.5" by 0.5" cable ladders are pretty common in data centre throughout Hong Kong.  One of our customer, a international co-location provider in Hong Kong, is using such cable ladders to run their cables above their racks. We, at QDS, have created a kit to easily mount our reader onto these cable ladders. They are very small in profile and we can mount the reader up-side-down to ensure the cables care run freely above the reader.

On the left, you see an example of one of our reader mount on-to a standard cable ladder.

For this particular customer, we have deployed 5 of these readers into their data center.  These reader provide wire-free converage for our environment monitoring sensors.

We are working closely with our customer to provide cooling optimization services and solutions. Here are more information regarding our Wire-free environment monitoring solution.

The rising trend where data center equipment heat-density continue to increase, we understand facility manager are facing a problem where they know their is a cooling problem in their data centre, but are unable able to collect solid data to back up their findings.  Deploying a wired-solution simply cannot achieve the sensor density which are required in today's data centers.  The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is an international technical society organized and a leading authority providing recommendations for data center.  In ASHRAE's "Thermal Guidelines for Processing Environments, Second Edition", the recommandedation is to have 3 monitor points, top, middle and bottom of the front door of each IT rack. Imaging doing this with a wired solution!


Best wishes from QDS in the year of the Rabbit

Happy Chinese New Year! QDS would like to wish all our customers and partners a happy and prosperous year.

2011 Chinese New Year Card (Rabbit) Data Center Infrastructure Management Data Centre Facilities Solutions Professional Audio Video Connectivity Solutions Office Peripherals - From Workplace Ergonomics to In-house label printing


Primera Announces World's Fastest Disc Printers and Publishers

Primera Technology Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of CD/DVD and Blu-Ray Disc Publishers, today announced its Bravo 4100-series Disc Publishers (DP-4100-Series in Europe, Scandinavia and Middle East).

Bravo 4100-Series Disc Printers and Publishers are the fastest in their class. Full-color, 100% coverage discs with near-perfect print quality are printed in just 6 seconds each. This compares to 20 to 120 seconds on competitive machines to print discs with comparable print quality.

With built-in high-speed recorders, direct-to-disc printing and fast robotics, Primera's disc printers and publishers automate the process of burning and printing quantities of CDs, DVDs and Blue-Ray Discs. The devices are used by a wide variety of organisations including corporate marketing, training and engineering departments, non-profits, churches, schools and universities, recording and video production studios, television stations and much more.


HotLok Promotion Program 2010

Thank you for our partner's support!  Our HotLok promotion program was a great success.  We sent out many batches of FREE HotLok samples to our partner's customers.

HotLok samples ready for distribution to our customers HotLok samples ready for distribution to our customers

HotLok is a state-of-the art, tool-less blanking panel solution.  Design by data center operators for data center operators.  Not only does it seal effectively, the stackable and tool-less design takes the whole data center operation into consideration - from transport, storage, installation to day-to-day operations.  In data center operations, new server moves in-and-out of racks and often blanking panels may move to another location or move to storage.  The snap-in-snap-out, tool-less and stackable design simplifies this operation tremendously. Say no to screwdrivers for this simple task.

Learn more about HotLok and the Lok family of data center cooling optimization products.

QDS's partnership program

Quantum Data Systems (H.K.) Limited is a distributor in Hong Kong for over 20 years. We partner with local System Integrators and Consultants and jointly go-to-market. Contact us to learn more about our partner program!


Data Center Product Heat Density Trends

Blodget 1415 Double 27 Blodget 1415 Double 27
Data center product density heat trend put in perspective with commercial electric oven Data center product density heat trend put in perspective with commercial electric oven

Source of background chart: See article footnote: #1

You might be wondering what does a picture of a electrical oven has to do with data centers? Well it help put things into perspective.

As computer equipment continues to follow Moore's law trend of miniaturization, data center equipment continue to become more and more powerful in smaller and smaller packages.  Just to put it in perspective, a commercial grade electrical double deck oven by Blodgett (1415-Double) 27" Electric Double Deck Oven has a power density of 8.2kW/m2


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