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We cover 6 major areas in the IT/Data Center industry. They are

  • Data Center Facility
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • Media Publishing, Labelling, Storage and Disposal
  • Technical Furniture for Data Centers, NOC and Laboratories
  • Professional Audio Video Connectivity and Extension
  • Ergonomic Mounting and Mobility Applications

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InterMapper 5.3.2 Released

InterMapper Data retention policy setting has been fixed in the new 5.3.2 release.

InterMapper Data Center is a facility store and archive data collected by InterMapper.  Although InterMapper stores data efficiently into a build-in or a external Postgres SQL database, if you have significant amount of devices and data collected, letting the data store growth indefinitely may eventually fill up your database and may cause service interruption for other applications running in the same server.

InterMapper Data Retention Policy Setting Page

When you arrived at the Data Retnetion Policies setting page of InterMapper DataCenter, upon clicking "Save Changes".  If you receive a generic error page, this is a known bug in InterMapper 5.3.1.  Upgrade to InterMapper 5.3.2 and this issue should be resolved.  You should receive "Data retention policies saved" message as shown above.


Chamfer ICE Airflow panel in action

Our Engineers visited the data centre of a university in Hong Kong and replace one of the perforated tiles with a Chamfer ICE Airflow panel.  We saw a almost 6-fold increase in airflow volume!

Chamfer ICE Airflow Panel


QDS @ DataCenter Dynamics 2010

QDS, with Avocent and Emerson Network Power, is hosting a booth at DataCenter Dynamics Hong Kong 2010 on June 21st.  Come visit our booth!

DSView 3 now supports VMWare

Screencast 01 - DSView 3 support for VMWare

In this screencast, our engineer demonstrate Guest VM are correctly migrated in DSView 3 after we migrated it using vSphere client.

The versions of the software test are as follow:

  • DSView 3 =
  • DSView Virtualization Plugin =
  • ESX  Server = 4.0.0, 164009
  • vCenter Server = 4.0.0, 208111

Containment project at a Beijing Telecom

A Beijing Telecommunication company was under-utilizing their rack space in their data centre. They are only able to fill about 1/2 of each rack with servers, wasting valuable data centre real estate.  Installed in the rack space are high power servers which are creating hotspots in areas which area tripping the equipments alarms.  Yet, when we looked at their cooling capacity, their combined cooling equipment is rate 3x over their current IT equipment load.

Beijing Telecom Containment Solution Beijing Telecom Containment Solution

At this site, the industrial best practice of hot aisle/cold aisle layout was followed, however, this proofed to be insufficient as technology development quickly out-pace best practice guidelines.  Since this is a productions site, many radical technologies designed for green-field, or capacity expansion was not a practical solution.  In this situation, QDS helped the client recoup their valuable data centre space.  We designed and implemented a cold-aisle containment solution which removed all hotspots and reduce the average inlet temperature by 3°C (see graph above).



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