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We cover 6 major areas in the IT/Data Center industry. They are

  • Data Center Facility
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • Media Publishing, Labelling, Storage and Disposal
  • Technical Furniture for Data Centers, NOC and Laboratories
  • Professional Audio Video Connectivity and Extension
  • Ergonomic Mounting and Mobility Applications

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WREMS rebrand to "DC Insight", New Differential Air Pressure Sensor now Available with DC Insight

Wire-Free Differential Air Pressure Measuring Device - Part of DC Insight Solution Wire-Free Differential Air Pressure Measuring Device - Part of DC Insight Solution

We are working on re-branding our Wire-free RFID Environment Monitoring solution to "DC Insight". We have a couple more success cases in the past quarter and we received lots of positive feedbacks from our customers. As we work more closely with our customers, we are seeing demands in other area which is not necessary "environment monitoring". We are activily pursuing integration with other hardware to provide a more "holistic" monitoring for data centers, hence the new branding of "DC Insight". It is an exciting time at Quantum Data Systems. Our customers can be sure their investment is future proof and will continue to grow with their organization.

On another note, there is a new Differential Air Pressure sensor available with our DC Insight solution.

Why do we need to measure differential air pressure? As you probably know, air travels from high pressure zone to low pressure zone. In a data centre with a raise floor system, the cold air is forced out of the air plenum below the raise floor when there is a air pressure difference above and below the raise floor.


Wire-free fluid detection

Wire-free fluid detection tag Wire-free fluid detection tag

Wire-free fluid detection. Very easy to install. The RFID tag transmit wirelessly through the 433 Mhz spectrum to our wire-free rfid environment monitoring solution. Our solution provide a map based view which allow operator to easily identify the correct location of the issue.

Because the solution is wire-free, there is no expensive cabling. In today's dynamically world of data centers, facility manager often find their few years old data center under capacity in terms of cooling.  They have to install new CRAC units in order to ensure enough supply of conditioned air to their servers by adding new CRAC.  Provisioning a new CRAC is painful enough, adding to the burden is running cables to monitor your CRAC. Having a wire-free monitoring solution allow facility manager and operators to add the new CRAC to the same wire-free monitoring solution.


QDS delivers another successful Cold Aisle Containment project

Cold Aisle entrances showing 2 containment sliding doors Cold Aisle entrances showing 2 containment sliding doors

QDS has sucessfully deploy another retro-fitted data centre cold asile containment project. In this data centre, we deploy a full cold aisle containment completed with rack cap, aisle-end sliding door, airblock panels, Simplex Airblock Curtains and HotLok blanking panels.

The project was performed in a live data centre, and no down-time was required. This project consist of a total of 6 cold aisles.

Contact us to learn more about QDS's service in data centre Hot/Cold Aisle Containment.


Dust and dirt control at data center (say no to sticky mats)

Studies have shown that around 75% of Hardware failure is caused by dirt.

80% of dust and dirt entering your critical area does so on feet (Source: 3M).

Traditionally, data center operator uses "Sticky mats", which uses adhesive or glue, at the entrance of their equipment room to "prevent" dirt on staff's shoe from entering the room. However, not only are there these mats not comfortable to step on, new "sticky" mats can be so sticky which may be a "tripping" hazard for the unawared.  In fact, we have heard stories where a staff at a data centre have fell and injured themselves because of these sticky mats.

In order to prevent a law suit, they temporarily "solve" this problem by requesting all personnel step over these mats. They still have to keep the sticky mats because of the "clean" room objective from upper management for the equipment room.  The story has an happy ending - they started using ProtectaMats, which does not use adhesive, but is even more effective in attracting dirt.


Primera Asia Pacific Announces World's First On-Demand Color RFID Label Printer

Primera Technology Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of CD/DVD and Blu-Ray Disc Publishers, recently announced its RX900 Color RFID Printer at LabelExpo America's in Chicago, IL USA.

Primera's Asia Pacific office today announced the release of the RX900 for the Asia Pacific region.

RX900 is the world's first and only full-color RFID "on demand" full-color RFID label printer. Labels are printed, encoded, verified and dispensed one at a time, making the printer ideal for applications where one or more labels at a time are required. All popular linear and 2D bar code symbologies are supported.


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