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High-density, Wire-free Environmental Monitoring Solution

DC Insight - Wire-Free Environment Monitoring DC Insight - Wire-Free Environment Monitoring

Our High-density, Wire-Free Environment Monitoring Solution is part of DC Insight solution providing a no-hassle, wire-free, high density environment monitoring solution. Our wire-free solution offers the following benefits and features:

  • No cabling required for sensors
  • High-density reader covering up-to 465 sqm (5,000 sqf) and up-to 4,096 sensors
  • Small sensor form factor¬†(typically: 56.4 x 44.2 x 8.9 mm)¬†with multiple mounting options
  • Expanding portfolio of wire-free sensors including humidity+temperature, temperature, door, dry contact, fluid, differential air-pressure, Geist and ServerTech PDU, etc.


While there are many environment monitoring solutions, they are typically wired solution where each sensor requires a direct or indirect wire to the main appliance. Routing all these wires is a big headache in existing data centres. QDS offers a wire-free solution which significantly simplifies deployment.

Our solution offers a wire-free RFID communication between the sensors and readers. Each reader can support upto 4096 sensors within reader coverage. Overlapping reader coverage can provide added redundancy if required.

Our reader uses the 433MHz spectrum which is a license free spectrum in Hong Kong under the OFTA regulations. (1), (2).

Our wire-free approach allow the solution to grow with the site as you expand your data centre footprint. Added a sensor is as easy as sticking the sensor at the physical location and adding the sensors unique tag ID into the software.

Wire-Free Sensors

Our wire-free sensors has a very small form-factor and multiple mounting options. Sensors are typically the size of a matchbox and can be mounted with high-quality adhesive pads, tag bezel and tag lanyard bezel.

Sensor Mounting Options and Size Comparison Sensor Mounting Options and Size Comparison

These sensors transmit wirelessly to the readers, which greatly simplifes deployment. Here are some of the most commom environment monitoring sensors:

DC Insight Wire-Free Environment Monitoring Sensor DC Insight Wire-Free Environment Monitoring Sensor

High density readers

Each reader can easily provide coverage of 2,000 sq ft (closed-rack environment) and up-to 5,000 sq ft (open-rack environment). The sensor/reader combination is equipped with an efficient process which can easily accommodate a sensor density of 4096 sensors per reader.

Typical Data Centre Deployment Illustration Typical Data Centre Deployment Illustration

Sample Deploymenet Photos by QDS

Wire-free deployment examples by QDS Wire-free deployment examples by QDS

Management and Monitoring Software

Our wire-free environment monitoring solution is part of our DC Insight solution. It uses the sample software interface is both intuitive for the day-to-day operator and powerful for the advance user. Visit our DC Insight solution page to learn more about our software and the DC Insight solution.

Solution as a Service

We provide a cooling optimization service utilizing this wire-free environment monitoring solution to provide pre and post implementation data for analysis and reporting. For more information about our service, please visit our Data Center Cooling Optimization Service page for more detail.

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