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Solutions Data Centre Cooling Optimization Cooling Optimization By the Lok Family (KoldLok/HotLok)

Cooling Optimization By the Lok Family (KoldLok/HotLok)

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The primary focus of the Lok Family of products from Upsite Technologies is to reduce the amount of bypass airflow. “Bypass airflow” is any conditioned air which did not reach the target appliance in data centres which requires cooling. For example

  • Conditional air can escape from cable cut-out in raised-floors
  • Hot-air in hot aisle could seep through unused racks spaces and mix with the conditioned air in the cold aisle before the cold air cool the valuable IT equipments.

Here is a quick 2 minutes video showing KoldLok and HotLok in Action!


The KoldLok family of grommets effectively seal cable cut-outs in data centres, while the cable cut-outs remain very serviceable.


Features and benefits

  • Seal cable cutouts in raised floors to eliminate up to 98% of air loss by minimizing bypass airflow
  • Increase static pressure and airflow through perforated floor tiles
  • Optimize the existing airflow in the data center and ensures that cool air is delivered to where is intended, thus resolving hot sports and balancing the airflow
  • Bleed off static charge buildup on cables to raised-floor conductive surface
  • Easy installation, requires no down-time to install or re-cable
  • Patented double-brush design ensures maximum airflow control

Designed by data centre industry veterans in Upsite Technologies (founded by the same founder of Uptime Institute), they understand a products capability to seal the cut-out is only a small part of the equation. Have you ever seal a cable-cut out only to have contractors, administrators or other IT equipment users remove it and put it aside? The well thought-out design of the KoldLok grommets allows it to maintain in place, sealing the cut-out, while operators can still easily pull cables in and out.


Run cable through a KoldLok sealed cable cutout

Run a cable through a KoldLok sealed cable cut-out


The HotLok 1U and 2U blanking panels are very effective in sealing unused rack space in data centres. Not only does it seal effectively, the well thought-out design also ensures smooth operation for users.

Features and Benefits

  • Snap-in blanking panels prevent hot exhaust air or hot-aisle air from migrating to the air-intake stream at the front of the cabinet.
  • Depending on where HotLok blanking panels are used in the cabinet, more cool air can be delivered to the upper one-third of the cabinet (typically the most prone to hotspots and equipment reliability problems).
  • Energy-efficient cantilevered sealing vanes eliminate gaps to provide optimal seal and no air leaks.

HotLok vs Other Blanking Panels

This illustrates HotLok seals gaps very effectively, with no light penetrating through.

CFD illustration of no panel vs ineffective panel vs HotLok panels

Cross section of Airflow in Server Cabinet Without Blanking Panels Installed

Problems that Occur When No Blanking Panels Installed


High temperatures develop around a cabinet that does not have any blanking panels installed.

Continuing Problems Due to Installing Blanking Panels with Gaps

Uneven temperatures continue around a cabinet installed with poor-sealing blanking panels, with hot exhaust air mixing into the intake airflow

Cross-Section of Airflow in Server Cabinet With Blanking Panels with Gaps Installed
Cross-Section of Airflow in Server Cabinet With Blanking Panels With No Gaps Installed

Resolve the Problem: Install the Most Effective Sealing Solution

HotLok® Blanking Panels with 99.97+% effective seal are installed to manage temperature change and air movement. Conditioned airflow is optimized, so air handlers consume less energy to prevent hotspots.


It is not uncommon to find blanking panels which still requires screws and bolts. Installing a HotLok blanking panels takes less than a second! Stack them and install multiple panels in seconds!

Install 3 x 2U HotLok blanking panel in under 5 seconds

Installed three 2U HotLoks in under 5 seconds

HotLok is design with clean-room, mission critical data centres in mind. We all know that cardboard boxes are a source of debris. Unpacking cardboard boxes often lead to pieces of cardboard box scattered all over the room. This is why HotLok is designed to be stackable. Installer of HotLoks can unpacked the HotLok blanking panels outside their facility and easily transport them into the data centre facility.


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