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DC Insight - Asset Management


Our solution is a location engine with integrated excel spreadsheet import/export functions to help you manage all your assets. It supports open APIs, allowing easily integrate with your existing ERP, CMDB, Asset Management or other systems.
Deploy our solution in 4 easy steps:

  1. Deploy our wire-free infrastrucutre.
  2. Tag your asset
  3. Add 3 mandatory columns to your asset spreadsheet
  4. Import your asset spreadshset into our system

Export the spreadshset form our system anytime to get real-time location information.

Solution Overview

DC Insight Asset Management Workflow DC Insight Asset Management Workflow

Sample Spreadsheet

Sample Asset Spreadsheet 

Active RFID and RTLS hardware

Active RFID and RTLS hardware provide real-time asset location information at 3 levels of granularity – Zonal, Room and Rack. Many asset tag form factors design for a wide variety of applications – from individual server blade to projector. To maximize your investment, leverage the same hardware infrastructure for our DC Insight environmental monitoring. To learn more, visit out DC Insight Solution Page.

Passive RFID Hardware

Passive RFID technology provides asset location using passive RFID reader at key check-points, or handheld RFID reader to update asset location with a simple swipe. Our handheld reader provides:

  • Excellent read range: up-to 7 meters open space and up-to 7-11 meters indoor confined space.
  • High read rate: ~150 tags per second for selected Gen2 profiles (peak at 400 tags/s)

Our software on the handheld reader integrates directly with our centralized software through the built-in WIFI connection to provide a data rich user experience.

Software Screenshot Gallery

Import Asset Spreadsheet

Import Spreadsheet Menu

Live Asset Spreadsheet

Live Spreadsheet for easy collaboration

Column Header Search Any Fields

Searchable field columns

Edit Live Record Online

Edit spreadsheet online anytime

Export spreadsheet for processing anytime

Export the spreadsheet again anytime with real-time location information

Re-Import spreadsheet anytime to update fields

Re-Import Spreadsheet anytime and it will update the asset record accordingly.


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