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RF Code Physical Asset Tracking

Accurate asset management processes are critical to maintaining the overall operational efficiency of your data center. But asset management -- and asset management–aligned tasks like capacity planning and change management -- can only be successful when information about assets and their locations within the data center is accurate and easily verifiable. Manually driven data collection processes like scanning bar codes and passivetags are not just time consuming and error prone: they also fail to deliver the continuous flow of asset location data you need to make informed strategic planning decisions. Perhaps, one of the best solutions to this is real-time asset tracking. 

Real-time asset tracking and management solutions from RF Code provide a fully automated inventory data feed.  This continuous flow of accurate, rack-level asset location information ensures that the information you need to properly manage data center asset lifecycles and capacity management and planning tasks is available on demand, 24/7. RF Code solutions help you:

  • reduce operational costs
  • make better informed planning decisions
  • eliminate over-provisioning and redundancy
  • provide complete audit and traceability information about all assets
  • increase operational efficiency
  • ensure regulatory compliance 

Asset Tag

Asset Tag

Truly efficicent asset management, security, and capacity and change planning solutions require accurate, reliable asset location data. RF Code RFID asset tags - available in a variety of form factors suitable for use with almost any enterprise asset - re
Reader & RTLS Devices

Reader & RTLS Devices

A variety of environments and situations that call for asset management, asset tracking, and environmental monitoring. When deployed in concert with RF Code RFID asset and sensor tags, our readers give customers an unparalleled asset management solutions
Software - Asset Manager

Software - Asset Manager

RFID software includes Asset Manager and Sensor Manager products that provide complete real-time IT asset management and environmental monitoring solutions. Each product works in conjunction with RF Code’s RFID tags and readers, providing up-to-the minute

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