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Fail-Safe Transfer Switch CDU

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The Sentry Fail-Safe Transfer Switch™ (FSTS) features two input power feeds, from separate AC circuits, to supply single-power equipment with dual, redundant power sources. A primary AC circuit provides power to the connected device(s). With this rack automatic transfer switch, if the primary source becomes unavailable for whatever reason, then the Sentry FSTS auto-switches to the secondary power source to support the connected equipment.


The transfer from one power source to the other is seamless to the connected equipment with this rack automatic transfer switch. When the secondary power source is available, an interruption of the primary power source will not affect the equipment’s uptime or performance.


Unique to the Sentry FSTS is the ability to designate which power source is primary and which is secondary. With the Primary Select switch, a power engineer simply toggles the switch from primary to secondary, which transfers the load from one power feed to the other. Now, the “secondary” becomes “primary” and the power engineer can safely work on the first power source without dropping power to the connected equipment.


Also exclusive to the FSTS is the ability to select the high voltage (208-230V) or low voltage (110-120V) operating range of the AC power source. Use the Sentry FSTS as a universal power transfer switch for all cabinets and servers, regardless of the voltage. To apply power, just remove a panel and then choose the appropriate voltage range to the Fail-Safe Transfer Switch.


Specifications and Features


Item # Available Input
Rated Amperage Available Input Cord Outlets Dimensions
PTTS-H008-0-02 100-120V
Rated by UL/TUV at 12V/20A
Input power cables for NEMA 5-20P,
L5-20P or
IEC 60320/C13
(8) IEC 60320/ C13 1.75" (L)
8.0" (W)
17.0" (D)


Sentry Fail-Safe Transfer Switch, qty 2 C20 20A power input feeds, qty 8 C13 power outlet receptacles;   Fail-safe redundancy between primary and secondary power sources; Primary-Select switch to designate primary power source; Range-Select switch to designate operating range (voltage).



Transfer Range 
Nominal                       Pull In         Drop Out 
110-120V    90V   12V
208-230V   173V 23V
Branch Circuit Protection Compliant to UL CSA 60950-1 1st Edition, April 2005
Indicator LEDs -Confirms power supplied to outlets-Identifies condition as primary power source or secondary power source supplying power to outlets
Voltage Range Select -Supplies either 100-120V or 208-230V AC voltage ranges -120V and 230V equipment cannot be intermixed -All power input feeds must be removed prior to selecting/altering operating range -Remove Range Select faceplate covering to select appropriate voltage -Lucite window allows visual confirmation of voltage range -Switch in “up” position designates 208/230V -Switch in “down” position indicates 110/120V
Mechanical Integrity -Dual-brace cable retainer brackets on power input feeds-Clip-style cable-retention retainer brackets at each power outlet receptacle-Adjustable mounting for front or rear panel, flush or recessed mounting



CTUVus - UL 60950-1-2003

CAN/CSA 22.2 No. 60950-1:2003




- One Year


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