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LANDesk Management Suite

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Complete hardware and software management with single-console simplicity.

Manage all your client systems easily and efficiently with LANDesk® Management Suite. You can  automate systems and security management tasks and see, manage, update and protect all your desktops, servers and mobile devices from a single console. No management solution is more complete, more integrated or easier to use. Plus it doesn't matter if your systems are inside or outside the corporate firewall.

Key Features

Use LANDesk® Management Suite to boost efficiency, save time, decrease costs and protect IT and user productivity with:

  • Enterprise scalability
  • Exclusive secure systems management over the Internet
  • Software license monitoring
  • Ultra-efficient software distribution technologies
  • OS deployment and profile migration
  • Remote control and problem resolution
  • Inventory management
  • Intel® vProTM support
  • Support for desktops, laptops, mobile devices and multiple platforms

Enterprise Scalability

Manage your enterprise efficiently from a single, central console. You can distribute tasks automatically to each system’s local core server and reduce repetition by replicating public queries, packages and delivery methods across your enterprise servers. Intelligent, location-aware Dynamic Preferred Server features enterprise package distribution capabilities that offer functional load balancing and fault tolerance. And the ability to offload data collection and insertion to a non-core server further increases efficiency.

Secure Management Over the Internet

LANDesk® Management Gateway is exclusive to LANDesk® solutions and enables you to securely manage systems over the Internet—even users outside your corporate firewall and at geographically distributed sites. Easily identify all the computer assets you have, how they’re configured and where they are on your network. All the gateway requires is an Internet connection—no dedicated leased line or VPN is required.

Software License Monitoring

Scan for known and unknown applications as well as define and track unknown applications. Stop users from launching software with expired licenses, even when they’re not connected to the network. Maintain a comprehensive look at software license use and easily respond to audits with extensive application usage, license compliance reporting, and license reporting features. In addition, powerful query tools let you quickly analyze and understand your IT environment.

Ultra-efficient Software Distribution Technologies

A variety of features available in LANDesk® Management Suite make software distribution unbeatably efficient. LANDesk® Dynamic Preferred Server provides functional load balancing and fault tolerance for enterprise package distribution that eases the burden of distributing packages to users that move from location to location. LANDesk® Targeted Multicast™ technology minimizes bandwidth when distributing large packages to multiple users and without dedicated hardware or router reconfigurations. LANDesk® Peer Download™ technology uses local bandwidth to access packages previously delivered to a subnet. Plus task-based distribution capabilities and policy-based configuration management are also available.

OS Deployment and Profile Migration

Easily migrate users and their profiles to new operating systems. Automatically deploy applications and quickly provision “bare-metal” machines without dedicated servers on each subset, boot floppies or network reconfiguration. The included OS deployment tool lets you perform OS deployments and organize OS configurations.

Remote Control and Problem Resolution

Remote control and problem resolution capabilities in LANDesk® Management Suite offer everything you need to reduce costs and the demands on your help desk resources, as well as to improve performance, security and efficiency. And only LANDesk® solutions include LANDesk® Management Gateway that lets you perform on-demand remote control securely over the Internet.

Inventory Management

LANDesk® Management Suite includes all the inventory management capabilities of LANDesk® Inventory Manager to let you discover networked computing devices, maintain detailed hardware and software inventories, gather and track custom data fields, monitor software usage to reduce licensing costs and maintain compliance, plan upgrades and maintenance and quickly respond to audits. And a unified asset repository brings it all together, letting you turn raw data into pure business intelligence.

Intel® vProTM Support

When managing Intel® vProTM-based hardware assets, support for Intel vPro technology extends your management abilities with out-of-band discovery and remote healing regardless of the OS or system state. Plus you have the ability to use redirect screen output and boot redirection to repair non-responsive systems.

Support for Desktops, Laptops, Mobile Devices and Multiple Platforms

Take active control of all your computing platforms and demonstrate compliance to security and configuration standards with extensive platform support for Windows, Mac OS, Unix, Linux and handheld and embedded device operating systems.



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Enterprise Benefits

By managing your desktops, servers and mobile devices from a single, intuitive management interface,  your enterprise can:
  • Increase efficiency and save time with a complete management solution for all the systems and users in your complex network environment.
  • Reduce costs and demands on the help desk with tools to support users in any networked environment.
  • Protect user productivity and reduce resource needs by keeping up with patches and updates and maintaining system-level security.
  • Save time and network bandwidth with patented, ultraefficient, fault-tolerant software distribution technologies.
  • Decrease software licensing costs and quickly respond to audits with comprehensive software license monitoring capabilities.
  • Boost efficiency by easily migrating users and their profiles to new operating systems.


What Customers Say About LANDesk® Management Suite

“Since the first of this year, we have distributed more than 53,000 software packages. And as of August, I estimate that LANDesk Management Suite’s software distribution and remote control features alone have saved our organization $1.167 million! Anytime you can show that the Information Technology Department is saving money rather than simply being overhead, it’s a good thing."

Andy Nosal
Supervisor of LANDesk Operations
Raymond James Financial

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