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LANDesk Security Suite

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Active endpoint security management with single-console simplicity.

LANDesk® Security Suite lets you detect and deploy security patches automatically with active endpoint security management from a single console. Take proactive control with quarantine, antivirus enforcement, vulnerability detection, threat remediation, computer access restriction tools and more.

Key Features

Use LANDesk® Security Suite to minimize network downtime, reduce infrastructure and help desk costs, and protect critical data through:

  • Network access control (NAC) capabilities
  • Exclusive security management over the Internet
  • Advanced vulnerability detection
  • Remediation tools
  • Antivirus enforcement and firewall capabilities
  • Patch management tools
  • Assurance

Network Access Control (NAC) Capabilities

Stop infected or unprotected systems from connecting to your corporate network, plus protect your corporate resources from connected systems that become corrupt using LANDesk® Security Suite with LANDesk® Trusted Access™ technology. Identify and quarantine out-of-date or unpatched managed and unmanaged computers and fix them before granting access.

Security Management Over the Internet

LANDesk® Management Gateway is exclusive to LANDesk® solutions and enables you to manage system security over the Internet—even users outside your corporate firewall and at geographically distributed sites. Easily perform patch, anti-spyware and security threat management, execute antivirus enforcement, and block applications. All that this patent-pending gateway technology requires is an Internet connection; no dedicated leased line or VPN is needed.

Advanced Vulnerability Detection

Standard and high-frequency vulnerability scanning lets you detect antivirus, OS and application patch needs quickly and based on your own needs and your chosen level of detail. Custom scans let you define the specific conditions scanned for, while threat analyzer enables you to identify configuration risks.

Remediation Tools

With LANDesk® Security Suite’s anti-spyware capabilities, you can protect systems in real-time with access to the comprehensive LANDesk database of known spyware, adware, Trojans, key-loggers and other malware. And with Connection Control Manager, your powers of remediation start before a system even connects to your network. This feature lets you limit network access to authorized networks or IP addressees, block communication with specific networks and control access to disk drives, communications channels, ports and modems. Plus with application blocking, your security is solid.

Antivirus Enforcement and Firewall Capabilities

Built-in antivirus enforcement lets you manage your McAfee, Norton, Sophos, Symantec or Trend-Micro antivirus solution right from the LANDesk® Security Suite console. And you can enable and configure an XP SP 2 firewall directly from the same console.

Patch Management Tools

LANDesk® Security Suite’s extended patch management capabilities help you assess OS and application patch needs, quickly research and prioritize patches, and automate patch distribution and maintenance. LANDesk® Targeted Multicast™ technology lets you speed patch deployments to multiple targets while minimizing the bandwidth used to reduce total network traffic without dedicated hardware or router reconfiguration. And LANDesk® Dynamic Preferred Server enables you to keep up with users no matter where they are or how often they change locations.


Maintain secure configurations using LANDesk® Security Suite’s role-based administration and policy-based management tools. You control who can alter your corporate security policy with baseline configuration capabilities. And reporting capabilities include trend graphs and security policy, spyware reports, and the LANDesk® executive dashboard that gives IT and executives a single, graphical view of the critical things that concern your enterprise.



Enterprise Benefits

With LANDesk® Security Suite you can:

  • Minimize network downtime, reduce help desk costs and safeguard critical data and user productivity by protecting against malicious attacks at the endpoint.
  • Reinforce your efforts to comply with security policies by identifying and remediating potential configuration threats.
  • Save time and reduce resource needs by automating remediation with security rules, policies and frequent compliance scanning.
  • Protect systems and critical data with active control over communication, data port and media drive access, and the ability to quarantine devices.
  • Easily align IT operations with corporate security policies by setting a security policy once that ensures desktops across the network are protected and compliant.
  • Increase efficiency and save infrastructure costs with a strong, efficient patch management process.
  • Demonstrate secuity initiative ROI with detailed historical reports.


What Customers Say About LANDesk® Security Suite

“I can’t say what the exact return on investment for LANDesk has been, except that it’s priceless.”

Tim Chiacchira
Enterprise Administrator
Dartmouth College

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