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LANDesk Antivirus

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Enterprise-ready virus protection with single-console simplicity.

LANDesk® Antivirus software extends the power of LANDesk® Management Suite and LANDesk® Security Suite to deliver antivirus and rootkit detection from the same console and vendor you rely on for systems and security management. This solution places virus protection control where it belongs, with your IT team instead of with your end users. Plus, it's available for a lower investment than many competitive solutions.

Key Features

Rely on LANDesk® Antivirus to help you protect your data and keep your endpoints secure and operational with:

  • World-class, enterprise-ready antivirus protection and rootkit detection
  • Centralized management and reduced complexity
  • Antivirus control where it belongs, with IT
  • File quarantine capabilities
  • Complete reporting and alerting tools

World-Class, Enterprise-Ready Antivirus Protection and Rootkit Detection

LANDesk® Antivirus is an enterprise-ready solution that lets you protect your systems from viruses and detect rootkits in real-time. It’s built on leading antivirus technology that’s known to find more viruses than other solutions, perform fast scans and take up little memory on your systems. LANDesk Antivirus uses signatures—believed to be one of the most effective methods—to detect and clean viruses. And signatures are updated hourly to ensure maximum protection.

Centralized Management and Reduced Complexity

LANDesk® Antivirus works with either LANDesk® Management Suite or LANDesk® Security Suite to let you centralize virus protection under the control of a single console . Your IT team has only one agent to install and only one console to train on and use, reducing complexity while you increase uptime, efficiency and productivity in the IT department and throughout the organization.

Antivirus Control Where It Belongs, with IT

LANDesk® Antivirus places control of virus definition updates and scanning schedules solely in the hands of your IT staff. You choose the level of interaction extended to end users—including role-based permissions to selected features. The end result is less time and money spent fixing what end users break and unsurpassed assurance that your corporate antivirus policies are effective and enforced.

File Quarantine Capabilities

Automatically encrypt and quarantine suspicious files and known infections if they can’t be cleaned immediately. Your administrator chooses whether to let end users open a suspect file or not. And you can ensure that quarantined files are scanned when new virus definition files are released so that, once cleaned, the file can be released for use. LANDesk® Antivirus also backs up the original file automatically for further remediation if needed. You access a customizable solution for detecting, trapping and mitigating potential viruses, transforming your enterprise from vigilant, methodical virus patrol to rapid, hands-off antivirus control.

Complete Reporting and Alerting Tools

LANDesk® Antivirus offers granular control over what alerts you receive and how often. It also lets you create custom queries and reports that combine inventory information with antivirus and configuration information. You have full visibility of which systems are infected, which haven’t been scanned and which have outdated definition files. And the LANDesk® Executive Dashboard delivers a simple graphical way to identify virus outbreaks in real-time, as well as chart virus control activities over time in order to demonstrate progress and IT’s value to executive staff. You access all the tools you need to identify and mitigate risks, and to educate users about activities that can lead to infection.


Enterprise Benefits

With LANDesk® Antivirus you can:

  • Extend world-class virus protection to your enterprise for a lower investment than many competitive solutions.
  • Reduce costs and complexity with a single-agent, single-console solution for virus protection and rootkit detection.
  • Protect critical enterprise data and employee productivity in real-time by identifying, reducing and mitigating the risk of virus outbreaks.
  • Give IT complete control to align antivirus settings with corporate policies and prevent end-user error and intervention.
  • Save time and free up resources with a centralized, automated, hands-off solution for detecting and mitigating the effects of viruses and virus outbreaks on systems managed by LANDesk® solutions.
  • Empower IT and executives with a quick, easy way to see which systems are protected or vulnerable and how virus protection is progressing over time.

Learn more in the LANDesk® Antivirus product brochure.


What Customers Say About LANDesk® Antivirus Capabilities

“Before using LANDesk, we had to manually update our antivirus every day. With LANDesk® Antivirus I am able to schedule an automated update to occur every four hours. If a new virus is released, I don’t have to worry about it because I know we’ll be automatically protected with an update within a few hours.

Also, LANDesk Antivirus gives me the visibility to see if any of our systems has been infected, quarantined, or repaired. Both LANDesk Antivirus and LANDesk® Patch Manager put the security we need at our fingertips, giving us the confidence that our computers and business are protected."

Kerrie Lucas
Certified LANDesk Engineer
Super Cheap Auto Group Ltd.


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