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LANDesk Application Virtulization

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Simple, conflict-free application deployment and use.

It's no secret that deploying new applications can “break” your environment. And if you can’t quickly roll back to a predeployment state, you impact user productivity and sow dissatisfaction. It’s even likely you’ll have stop to do regression testing to fix the problems created. Thank goodness for LANDesk® Application Virtualization.

With its true isolation or "sandboxing" capabilities, LANDesk Application Virtualization lets you provide conflict-free access to the applications employees need while maintaining secure, clean, stable desktops and improved control over your systems. You can run multiple applications on individual machines without making changes to client systems or installing agents or device drivers.

Key Features

LANDesk Application Virtualization lets you seamlessly run multiple applications on individual systems without installing anything on—or making changes to—a client system, and without installing agents or device drivers.

  • True isolation
  • Instant zero-footprint deployment
  • Enterprise security
  • Lower migration risks and hassles
  • Integration with LANDesk® Management Suite

True Isolation

LANDesk® Application Virtualization’s client-less approach offers true isolation capabilities. Application conflicts are eliminated because each application runs in its own environment—applications can talk to the OS, but remain fully isolated from it. Two versions of the same application can run conflict-free on the same PC, even where virtual and non-virtual versions exist. There’s no need to redevelop applications or upgrade to a new OS. And no installation, system modifications or elevated security privileges are required.

Instant Zero-Footprint Deployment

Load and initialize applications—even large ones—in a fraction of a second using LANDesk® Application Virtualization ’s client-less application deployment capabilities. Roll back to a predeployment state without impact or having to reboot. And let users run applications from any LAN, WAN, USB drive or CD-ROM—without any client agents, device drivers or back-end support servers.

Enterprise Security

Run virtualized applications entirely in specific user-mode sandboxes on locked-down PCs and maintain secure, clean, stable user desktops. No kernel-mode code or device drivers are needed, making it virtually impossible to crash a system, and eliminating conflicts with the Windows Vista User Account Control mechanism. You gain full assurance that local security policies won’t be violated. And you can build administrator rights directly into the application package to prevent damage to your host systems.

Lower Migration Risks and Hassles

Minimize the risks and hassles of migrating to new operating systems and applications—including Microsoft Vista—by using application virtualization to test new operating systems before you implement anything.

Integration with LANDesk® Management Suite

Use LANDesk® Application Virtualization with LANDesk® Management Suite and access software distribution technologies that let you package and deploy your virtualized applications to thousands of computers in under an hour. What's more, access to inventory capabilities lets you easily discover and inventory users' virtual applications.



Enterprise Benefits

Fully integrated with the award-winning LANDesk® Management Suite, LANDesk® Application Virtualization helps you:

  • Save time with easy, client-less, conflict-free application deployment and rollback.
  • Cut costs for support and regression testing by delivering fully tested applications to users—the first time.
  • Improve user satisfaction by minimizing application conflicts and other problems.
  • Reduce infrastructure requirements and costs with no client or server components to manage or maintain.
  • Improve enterprise security with the power to transparently run applications in user-mode on locked-down PCs.
  • Minimize OS migration risks and hassles—including for Microsoft Vista—with true isolation for testing before you implement.

Learn more in the LANDesk® Application Virtualization product brochure.


LANDesk Launches Application Virtualization

“Application virtualization has been seen as the next hot IT technology for some time now, but until today, customers have not been able to unlock all of the value promised by competing solutions. With our solution, an organization can distribute and run a needed application without ever having to install it. And it is truly revolutionary because LANDesk® Application Virtualization requires no preinstalled client software and can be run from any source, including a USB device, network share or desktop."

Steve Daly, LANDesk General Manager
“LANDesk Application Virtualization Drives a New Paradigm for Software Distribution” news release, May 23, 2007


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