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LANDesk Asset Manager

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Computer and non-computer asset tracking with single-console simplicity

LANDesk® Asset Manager extends the power of LANDesk® Management Suite and LANDesk® Inventory Manager to help you see and track your enterprise’s computer and non-computer resources—associated users, contracts, maintenance agreements and more—all through the same single console you use for systems, security and inventory management. You gain the power to support business best practices and standards, improve service, control costs and manage your changing IT and non-IT assets easily and efficiently.

Key Features

If you can name it, LANDesk® Asset Manager can track it—contracts, maintenance agreements, telephones, office equipment and more through:

Comprehensive Asset Tracking Capabilities

With LANDesk® Asset Manager, all your asset, autodiscovery, software license and inventory data is stored in a single asset repository so you can access all your information from a single, unified source. Build custom forms or use the built-in library of asset tracking templates to capture key data. Plus easily relate contracts, licenses and service agreements to specific computers or users and obtain a more complete picture of your physical, contractual and financial assets.

Efficient Access and Administration Tools

LANDesk® Asset Manager offers your business management, financial and IT staff access to data entry, administration, alerting and asset tracking tools through definable, role-based accounts. These accounts provide each user access to only those features needed to do their jobs most effectively. And all users have anytime, anywhere access across the network through the LANDesk® Web console.

Complete Reporting and Analysis Tools

LANDesk® Asset Manager exports data in a standardized format and offers you the flexibility of using your own task-optimized tools and methods, enabling you to perform analysis and reporting easily.  Predefined business intelligence reports let you extract the data you need and custom reporting options extend your control.

Enterprise Benefits

With LANDesk® Asset Manager you can:

  • Control costs and increase efficiency by knowing what assets you have, where they are and how they’re being used.
  • Support business practice standards, such as IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), by easily tracking and managing the entire IT asset management life cycle.
  • Improve service with fast access to current and accurate data through LANDesk’s easy-to-use Web-based console.
  • Effectively and efficiently manage changing IT and non-IT assets.

Learn more in the LANDesk Asset Manager product brochure.


What People Say About LANDesk® Asset Manager

“Prior to implementing LANDesk, the only way we had of knowing how much and what we had, was to visit each machine and do a physical inventory . But since we rarely had the time or resources to do a physical inventory, we couldn’t get an accurate accounting of our assets. Now, with LANDesk® Asset Manager we just run a report and we know exactly how many machines we have and what’s on those machines. It makes it a whole lot easier, and has saved a considerable amount of time for our procurement staff, as well as our desktop technicians.”

IT Business Consultant to U.S. County Government


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