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LANDesk Process Manager

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Easily automate processes, IT maintenance and change management.

Improve IT staff productivity, adapt to frequent changes and reduce IT costs with the scalable technology of LANDesk® Process Manager. It lets you streamline IT and business processes while aligning them with the needs of the organization. Change management, configuration management, IT service continuity management and other ITIL-discipline best practices are well within your grasp.

Key Features

LANDesk® Process Manager helps you improve IT and business processes while aligning IT and business services. Deploy it to boost the productivity of users and IT staff, increase your organization's ability to adapt to frequent changes and reduce IT and operating costs through:

  • Automated processes with full control
  • Ease-of-use and flexibility
  • Scalability and cost-efficiency
  • Design and management capabilities
  • Auditing and reporting
  • Integration

Automated Processes with Full Control

Make your business and IT processes more consistent and predictable without relinquishing control over the steps taken or the outcome achieved. Add LANDesk® Process Manager to your existing LANDesk® systems and security management solutions and create consistent, predictable IT workflows that automate redundant maintenance tasks. Learn more on the IT Process Automation site.

Ease-of-Use and Flexibility

Empower virtually anyone in your organization to quickly create and deploy a business process that works the way your organization works, without impacting IT staff. Create workflows or sections of workflows once and use them in any number of different processes for faster, easier process automation. And extend access to workers enterprise-wide with a Web interface that gives workers at multiple locations and on the road access with only an Internet connection.

Scalability and Cost-Efficiency

Easily implement LANDesk® Process Manager enterprise-wide or try it in a specific area or business unit and extend to more areas at your own pace. However you use it, save time with a combined process designer and run-time engine that lets you both design and deploy automated processes in minutes or hours rather than days or weeks. Further create efficiencies by electronically documenting what is communicated to reduce the time and expense of phone calls, paper-based systems and data entry.

Design and Management Capabilities

Access an easy-to-use change management system with LANDesk® Process Manager’s scalable process management engine and the collaborative design environment it offers. Personnel gain increased visibility into IT and business processes to facilitate ongoing improvement and enhanced change management. And the database manager lets you convert business processes into deployable solutions that integrate with existing databases, electronic forms, business rules and other processes and systems.

Auditing and Reporting

Full-featured auditing and reporting capabilities in LANDesk® Process Manager let you integrate ongoing compliance measures with business processes. Customizable reports and support for third-party electronic forms, such as Microsoft InfoPath, let you manage your resources more effectively and optimize business processes. And the ability to share reports by the Web or email helps ensure clear, consistent communication across your enterprise.


Access integration with LANDesk® solution-specific processes and third-party solutions, applications, forms and services to align your IT infrastructure and business process needs.

Process Manager Wheel

Enterprise Benefits

With LANDesk® Process Manager you can:

  • Save time and boost productivity by creating and maintaining an optimized change management system.
  • Gain or enhance ITIL discipline and best practices and integrate compliance measures with your business processes.
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for development resources.
  • Give personnel improved visibility into the processes they’re involved with.
  • Maximize efficiency by automating your LANDesk® solution-specific operations using built-in change and configuration workflow processes.

Learn more in the LANDesk® Process Manager product brochure


What Customers Say About LANDesk® Process Manager

“Through our use of LANDesk® Process Manager, we have found that a number of internal departments can successfully automate internal IT processes that previously required manual oversight. This is a leap forward in bottom-line efficiency and it is exciting to participate in this initiative, which can benefit the entire organization.”

James Mascaro
Technical Services and Support Manager
aQuantive, Inc.


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