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LANDesk System Manager

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Proactive problem prevention with single-console simplicity.

You can’t go wrong with a software solution shipped worldwide on servers from Intel and other leading manufacturers to help their customers keep systems and critical services up and running. Without question, LANDesk® System Manager lets you maintain your enterprise systems at their peak with detailed performance monitoring and the ability to prevent a single point of failure. And you can do it all through the single, Web browser-independent LANDesk® console you use for systems, server and security management. 

{tab=Key Features}Key Features

Proactive Problem Prevention. Single Console Simplicity.

LANDesk System Manager lets you keep every system in your enterprise healthy and all your critical services available with:

  • Active performance monitoring and maintenance 
  • Advanced troubleshooting and root cause analysis 
  • Asset and data security 
  • Remote installation and maintenance 
  • Integration 
  • Options   

Active Performance Monitoring and Maintenance

LANDesk® System Manager lets you and your IT staff ensure that tools and services are running, healthy and available by gathering health and status information directly from each computer’s hardware, software and OS in real-time. Using industry-standard data sources, you get a complete view of component-level system health, regardless of configuration or system vendor. Real-time visibility into how your systems are performing lets you act on potential trouble long before it becomes a problem and impacts your time or your enterprise’s productivity.

Advanced Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis

LANDesk® System Manager lets you view and analyze recent performance data to pinpoint the component failures that triggered a system failure. You can then use that knowledge to plan updates and predict—and prevent—future failures. Plus, you enjoy support for more out-of-band access and control to quickly recover and automatically restart standards-compliant hardware to ensure maximum system availability.

Asset and Data Security

LANDesk® System Manager extends the security of both your physical assets and your data. Actively monitor hardware and software configurations and define alerts to notify your IT staff of changes by e-mail, pager, fax or console message. Track your hard drives or RAM as well as peripherals attached to the USB bus. And monitor modem use and phone numbers and use certificate-based authentication and SSL encryption to maintain device integrity and security.

Remote Installation and Maintenance

Use LANDesk® System Manager’s BIOS flash utility to perform low-level maintenance over the wire, increase efficiency and reduce visits to the desktop .


Use LANDesk® System Manager alone or take advantage of its seamless integration with LANDesk® Server Manager to instantly assess server health and keep your servers available and running. Also use it with LANDesk® Management Suite to access the ability to proactively see, manage, update and protect your IT systems.


Choose what you monitor, whether everything or just disk space or available memory, see performance at the individual node level and configure alerts sent anyway you want and customized by recipient and time of day.

{tab=Enterprise Benefits}Enterprise Benfits

With LANDesk® System Manager you can:

  • Monitor your hardware and software components in real-time, detect performance problems and remediate them before failures occur.
  • Establish performance thresholds,  configure alerts, and leverage remote connect, Wake-On-LAN and BIOS flash tools to keep your systems up and running.
  • Secure your systems by detecting asset changes, chassis intrusion and unauthorized modem use.
  • Plan your maintenance needs with historical performance reports and data analysis.

Learn more in the LANDesk® System Manager product brochure.


What Customers Say About LANDesk® System Manager

“LANDesk® Server Manager gives us greater insight on how our servers are running and allows us to be more productive. It makes it easier for us to ensure application availability and that servers are up and will stay up and running all the time.” 

Luke Doherty
IT Manager
Intercontinental Hotels Group

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