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LX200 Label Printer

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Print Bar Code and Identification labels with LX200

Primera’s new LX200 Desktop Label Printer utilizes high-resolution monochrome inkjet printing to produce a wide range of bar code and identification labels up to 4.25" (108mm) wide. This compact and affordable printer delivers many features and benefits not available with other printing technologies. LX200 Label Printer

Unlike thermal transfer label printers, the LX200 doesn’t use a ribbon. Instead, it “jets” ink directly onto plain paper or specially-treated, high-performance inkjet substrates. This process leaves no spent ribbon behind that shows a mirror image of what has been printed – important for HIPAA and a host of other government and industry confidentiality requirements.

For these and a wide range of label, tag and ticket printing applications, the LX200 provides the highest-quality printing, easiest supplies replenishment and widest range of available substrates.

  • Ink replacement is fast and easy – just snap the cartridge in and out
  • 1200 dpi print resolution – almost six times higher than 203 dpi thermal label printers
  • Ideal for small text, intricate graphics and even high-resolution, grey-scale photographs
  • Dye or pigment-based ink cartridges for printing on the widest range of materials
  • NiceLabel SE, Primera Edition Software included. Perfect for label layouts with fonts, graphics and all popular linear and 2D bar codes
  • Compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista printer driver
  • Optional cutter mechanism available for producing on-demand tickets, coupons, tags and label
Product Samples:
4x3_visitorbadge_bw.jpg 4x3_visitorbadge_bw.jpg   medical_visitor_bw.jpg medical_visitor_bw.jpg  
fragile1-bw.jpg fragile1-bw.jpg   mfg-product-label.jpg mfg-product-label.jpg  
wristband-bw.jpg wristband-bw.jpg   wristband2-bw.jpg wristband2-bw.jpg  
visitorbadge-bw.jpg visitorbadge-bw.jpg mfg-product-label2.jpg mfg-product-label2.jpg  
faucet_knobs-bw.jpg faucet_knobs-bw.jpg   paint-interior-bw.jpg paint-interior-bw.jpg  
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Need to Make Larger Labels?
The LX810 Color Label Printer offers all of the same great features oClick to Enlargef our LX400 but prints larger labels up to a maximum width of 8.25".

Specialty Applications
The LX400 is also ideal for producing full-color tickets and tags, retail coupons, patient wristbands and much more. The optional, field-installable Media Cutter attaches to the front of the printer and slides down and out of the way when not needed. A fan-fold media slot for tags and tickets is located on the rear panel of the printer.
LX400 Color Label Printer

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