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LANDesk Asset Lifecycle Manager

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Accurate asset knowledge, accountability and control are crucial to enhanced business value. LANDesk Asset Lifecycle Manager goes beyond simple tracking to provide a structured asset repository that extends the management of your organization’s hardware and software assets by starting before the asset exists and going beyond when the asset is retired. This extra connection throughout an asset’s lifecycle helps to reveal the true value of IT systems to allow better planning decisions, informed business analysis and improved business capacity.

Key Features

LANDesk®Asset Lifecycle Manager provides additional features that make the lifecycle process of an asset more interactive, informative, useful, and actionable. It can “touch” an asset at different and recurring points in the asset’s lifecycle with the following key features:

On-the-fly Reporting

On-the-fly reporting capabilities that contain the most up-to-date information. The asset and any of its components can be tracked according to status, version, manufacturer, etc.—whatever the user deems necessary. The data included in reports can then be used to make informed decisions regarding history, upgrades, replacements, workflows, audits, etc.

Forms Creation

Specific asset content, such as forms used for requesting assets, workflows, state diagrams, reports, and portals, is provided in the product’s Asset Content pack.

Intelligent Workflow Capabilities

Intelligent workflow capabilities that let IT departments perform routine request-driven tasks—like procurement, backup, software upgrades, patching, security management, etc.—automatically and with minimal user intervention.

Supporting Resources

Attaching supporting resources to an asset, and managing these throughout the lifecycle as well (resources include things like P.O.'s, invoices, contracts, support agreements, warranties, etc.).

Central Asset Repository

Enabling the overall management of the asset. As part of the central repository of data, the asset and all of its components are available to IT for purposes of troubleshooting, remote control, patching, upgrading, software delivery, data access, etc., and to business for purposes of purchase planning, cost analysis, audit compliance, etc.

Enterprise Benefits

With LANDesk® Asset Lifecycle Manager you can:

  • Gain control: Know where your assets are, and how they are being used
  • Reduce risk: Manage regulatory and security compliance
  • Reduce cost: Understand license, acquisition, support, service and other expenses
  • Enable accountability: Ensure the right people are making the right decisions about IT
  • Enhance performance: Move from being a cost center to a revenue enabler

Learn more in the LANDesk® Asset Lifecycle Manager Brochure



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