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InterMapper network monitoring software visually alerts you to outages, decreasing bandwidth, increasing network traffic, unusual error rates, and abnormal usage patterns.

Geographic network maps and diagrams along with easily accessed diagnostic and trend data shorten time to resolution.

You'll fix problems before your clients notice a thing.

Live, at-a-glance geographic and hierarchical network views

  • traffic flow, packet loss, and utilization statistics
  • device performance and outages
  • network topology and device location
  • top-level summary and sub-map detail

Real-Time Network Performance and Fault Monitoring

  • traffic stats and other data retrieved via SNMP
  • packet loss and slow response trigger alerts
  • fast and efficient SNMP/ping engine for thousands of devices
  • default 30-second polling interval detects microbursts that can signal problems
  • “instant reprobe” allows real-time checks on current conditions

Configurable alerts and notifications

  • multi-level alerts for warning, alarm, critical and down conditions
  • directed to pagers, email addresses, syslogs, pop-up messages, sounds
  • optionally suppressed for devices “behind” a failed router or switch
  • escalation policies easily implemented

Application and System Monitoring

  • application and server response times, outages, and performance monitored
  • over 150 built-in probes return device-specific performance and diagnostic data
  • end-to-end testing “proves” customer resource access

Architected for any network infrastructure

  • native support for Windows, MacOS X, Linux, and Unix
  • local monitoring scheme reduces traffic
  • central and remote-location access to maps and data

Easy-to-use and easy to install

  • install in minutes, operational in an hour
  • autodiscovery of network devices
  • autolayout of baseline maps

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