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HT 500 Smart Underfloor Air Mover

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Server Hot Spots are becoming more common with the introduction of blade servers. Data Centers designed for 3KW racks are being asked to support 10KW and higher rack density. Often there is enough cooling CAPACITY, but insufficient DISTRIBUTION. The HotSpotr™ HT-500 line of underfloor air movers has been specifically designed to quickly and reliably solve a variety of Data Center cooling issues caused by poor air distribition or rack placement. Self installed in 30 minutes, results are immediate. Cooling air is delivered where, when and in the right amount.

Quick facts

  • Underfloor air mover to deliver cold air to server racks
  • Supports 10-12KW racks
  • Mounts directly to popular grates
  • Adaptors for all 24” and 600mm floor and tile types
  • Thermostatically controlled to maintain selectable temperatures
  • VFD control of fan speed
  • EPO option
  • Certified to IEC-60950-1
  • Ready for A-Cool Network for full Room Scale Intelligent Cooling”
  • All necessary accessories supplied

Proper airflow distribution is the key to providing cooling to ever higher density server racks. Failure to deliver enough cooling air to rack intakes causes recirculation of hot air and overheating of servers. Under floor obstructions such as pipes, cabling, cable trays etc. causes low static pressure and reduced flow from some perforated tiles and grates. Racks placed too close or too far away from CRAC units also face issues with low and even negative static pressure. The result is many data centers are overcooled just to manage a few hot spots.

HotSpotr products from AdaptivCool are designed for solving hot spots in data centers caused by poor airflow distribution, easily and effectively. Cooling racks efficiently saves energy, since CRAC setpoints can often be raised with HotSpotrs installed. The HT-500 HotSpotr consists of a redundant matrix of high performance DC fans in an aluminum enclosure controlled by an intelligent thermostatic controller. Attached to or
mounted underneath a grate or perforated tile; HotSpotr delivers cooling air where, when and in the right amount.

HT-500 operates in one of two modes. In Stand Alone mode, sensors placed at the rack top intakes sense the critical rack temperatures. The smart controller maintains proper cooling by dynamically varying the fan speed. In the Networked “Room Scale Intelligent Cooling” mode, several HT-500s and overhead HT-710s plus additional sensors are networked to a central controller. This controller then monitors the thermal health of the entire data center and actively manages airflow distribution to match the heat distribution in the room.

Electrical Specifications

Operating Voltage: 100-130 VAC North America with GFCI, 200-240 VAC International
Current: 1.6 Amps Max @ 120V (provide service for 2.0A)
Communication: A-Cool Net (RS485)
Emergency Shutdown (optional): Dry Contact Normally Closed
Temperature Sensors: Two Built-in Thermistors and connections for two external Thermistors

ht500_spec2a HT500

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