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Data Center Curtains

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Slash Energy Costs with Better Air Flow Dynamics!
  • Save energy! AirBlock™ data center curtains and partitions save energy on air conditioning by as much as 15% and up to 67% on fans. Protect your mission critical operations.
  • Maximize airflow dynamics and increase the effectiveness of your hot aisle/cold aisle isolation.
  • Simplex’s complete line of AirBlock™ data center curtains, modular partitions, ceilings, strip doors and mountings offers solutions for any data center configuration.
  • Specially formulated vinyl and non-vinyl materials include Polysim 509, a low outgassing, static-dissipative polyurethane that meets ASTM and NFPA fire retardancy requirements.
  • Hardware is designed so that curtains fall away in the case of a fire, allowing sprinklers full operating range.
  • Check with your regional electrical utility about energy-saving rebates that can help offset the cost of your system.

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AirBlock Curtains – AirBlock™ data center curtains, and all Simplex materials, are made from virgin materials to provide extra clear transparency and protection against yellowing and cracking.   Easy Mounting and Assembly – Simplex offers patented mounting systems, including this t-bar ceiling clip that attaches easily and quickly to your existing ceiling grid with no need for drilling. Other options include bi-folding curtains and standard swing and sliding door systems.


Data Center Hardwall Enclosures – AirBlock™ hardwall enclosures offer another energy-saving solution for separating hot and cold air aisles. Hardwalls are an excellent solution for high traffic data centers or those frequently visited by VIP personnel.


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