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Avocent DSView 3 Power Manager

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A recent US Environmental Protection Agency study found that data center energy utilization has doubled during the past eight years, representing more than 1.5% of all US energy consumption. The trend is expected to continue with energy doubling yet again by the end of 2011.

Avocent has taken more than 20 years of success developing data center optimization and endpoint control products and created a unique, multi-touch solution specifi cally for IT Power Management. This powerful (forgive the pun) offering gives you the tools you need to monitor energy consumption, costs and trends across all levels within the data center and out to every remote location.

Every day, IT is faced with operational and business-driven initiatives to provide a reactive, dynamic environment. To achieve this, IT must:

  • Respond to changes in requirements and business directives
  • Secure the environment by providing the right users access to the right resources
  • Proactively manage the environment

These initiatives all need to be met while monitoring and managing the capital and operational costs of the data center. According to the Self Benchmarking Guide for Data Center Energy Performance, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, IT equipment
is the largest component of data center energy consumption; therefore, any energy savings on equipment translates to twice that for the entire data center. Which means any business needs to understand its data center power needs, requirements and current usage. This is where Avocent can help.
Avocent hardware and software power solutions give companies the ability to monitor and measure IT energy consumption, costs and trends across all levels within their data centers and remote locations.


  • Capacity (using percentage load reports)
  • Comparative reports


  • Through a consolidated console
  • Create alerts based on user-defi ned thresholds
  • Server power trends (amps, volts, Watts, kW, kWh)


  • Outlets remotely – power control: on/off, reboot, apply time-dependent policy (e.g., power down over the weekend)
  • Reports based on audience

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