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Wire-free environment sensors

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Ideal for monitoring in real time the environmental conditions in IT dense areas such as data centers and offices, RF Code’s completely wire-free approach to environmental monitoring is an affordable, flexible alternative to traditional wired environmental monitoring solutions. RF Code eliminates the “hard-wired headache” by offering a more efficient, flexible approach to tracking and alerting environmental conditions in real time. Solution components include:

  • Door tags for monitoring and reporting door status, enabling you to track enclosure access

  • Dry contact tags for monitoring and reporting the open and closed states of dry contact-based devices

  • Temperature and Temperature/Humidity Tags to monitor temperature- and humidity-sensitive assets in IT racks

  • Fluid sensor tags for real-time leak and fluid detection

  • PDU tags for power consumption and utilization monitoring

Wire-free Sensors Image Gallery

DC Insight - Wire Free Environment Monitoring Sensors DC Insight - Wire Free Environment Monitoring Sensors


 Technical Specification Data Sheet for Wire-free Environment Sensors

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