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AirBlock Expandable Filler Panels

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EFP deployment example

Close the gaps in your data center with AirBlock EFP (Expandable Filler Panels). EFPs are designed to fill space between racks, power units, columns or other gaps in your data center where air can escape, reducing the effectiveness of your cooling efforts. These panels are also designed for quick installation as permanent or temporary fillers for missing or removed racks.

  • Constructed from Class 1 fire-rated, 1/8" thick aluminum-skinned composite material for rigidity and durability.
  • Panels have 2-inch flange on either side. Magnetic seal holds tight to the cabinets. No need for mechanical fasteners.
  • Adjustable knobs allow you to fit panel to fit any space.
  • Stock panels are available in five different adjustable widths, from 6.5 inches to 60 inches.
  • Individual panels can be joined together to fit larger gaps.
  • Standard height is 84 inches. Custom heights are available.
  • Stock color is semi-gloss black.


Model Width
EFP-0610 6.5", expandable to 10"
EFP-1016 10.5", expandable to 16.5"
EFT-1424 14.5", expandable to 24.5"
EFP-2240 22.5", expandable to 40.5"
EFP-3056 30.5", expandable to 56"

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