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Avocent DSView 3 Management Software

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Avocent’s DSView 3 management software provides data centers with a secure, centralized management solution for all of your networked hardware and software–physical and virtual. DSView 3 software allows administrators to access, diagnose, and modify any network asset from any point on the globe, regardless of the health or status of the OS or the network connection to those devices. DSView 3 software makes your data center and remote offices more manageable, accessible, extensible, and secure.

DSView 3 software provides a single, secure, browser-based interface to manage your entire data center environment, including the following:

  • Blade servers and enclosures
  • VMware Virtual Infrastructure, including Virtual Centers, ESX Servers and Virtual Machines
  • Embedded service processors
  • Rack-mounted servers
  • Cyclades® ACS advanced console servers
  • DSR® KVM over IP switches
  • Cyclades PM Intelligent Power Distribution Units (IPDUs)
  • MergePoint® Service Processor Management Devices

DSView 3 software also provides fully-permissioned custom views for each user, graphical report building and task automation tools, and a holistic view of your network assets no other system can equal.

DSView 3 software’s redundant “hub and spoke” architecture allows administrators to access every asset in your network from any networked PC or mobile device. DSView 3 software’s out-of-band (OOB) features allow admins to diagnose and repair problems even when gateways, routers, or other IP connectivity is down.

Data centers evolve. Whether you’re migrating to blades, experimenting with SANs, or simply trying out a new router, DSView 3 software can help you maintain control by integrating with new technologies and providing a consistent interface, regardless of your underlying infrastructure. DSView 3 software offers deep pre-built integration with HP Software, NetClarity, Uptime Devices, VMWare and others, and provides a free API for developers wishing to write custom software.

DSView 3 software requires no additional security procedures, authenticating against your existing internal or external standards-based services. All traffic is encrypted and the detailed activity logs provide a critical audit trail for issue resolution and regulatory compliance. By minimizing the need for local access in the data center the remote management capabilities allow you to physically lock down sensitive machines for greater peace of mind.

Features and Benefits

Secure, remote, centralized data center management Access and control your entire IT infrastructure
–physical and virtual–from a single screen
Multi-device support Click and connect centralized management for blades, VMware virtual infrastructure, DSR KVM over IP, MergePoint  service processor managers, Cyclades ACS advanced console servers, Cyclades PM intelligent power distribution units
Virtual Media support DSView 3 management software provides Virtual Media support. Use it to map CD-ROMs and other storage media to a remote branch server to conduct file transfers, application and OS patches, and CD-ROM diagnostics.
Integrated solution for KVM and power control Integrates BIOS-level access and power control in one solution. Also provides external modem support when the network is down.
Simple, fast and reliable user interface Browser based, customizable with usability features including keyboard pass-through, scaling and custom viewer toolbar
Access service processors Using DSView 3 management software, administrators can manage power and system health on individual IPMI-enabled servers through the MergePoint service processors.
Notifications DSView 3 software sends SNMP traps and email notification for defined system events.
Scheduling DSView 3 management software simplifies management of routine tasks, updates and file loading including automation of task schedules and updates.
Multi-platform support Supports Wintel, Linux, Sun Solaris and SuSE platforms
Failover authentication DSView 3 management software, with hub and spoke architecture, provides failover access authentication, ensuring system reliability and security.
Flexible authentication/Access controls Authenticate user permission against your existing internal or external authentication service, such as LDAP, Active Directory, NT Domain, TACACS+, RADIUS and RSA SecurID.
System/User logs DSView 3 software security features include system and user log management and event notification to help facilitate auditing and compliance.
Selectable encryption modes You gain enhanced security as selectable encryption modes can support your security policy (AES, DES, 3DES, 128bit SSL).
Exit macros Exit macros log out each user when a session window is closed.


DSView 3 software (hub/spoke) minimum requirements

  • For supported Windows and Linux systems: 2 GHz Pentium or equivalent processor
  • For supported Solaris systems: 1GHz UltraSparc III processor
  • 1 GB RAM – additional memory may be needed depending on the number of plug-ins installed and appliances supported
  • 100BT NIC (1 GB LAN recommended)
  • 10 GB of free disk space – additional disk space may be required for data logging and plug-ins

One of the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2000 Advanced Server with the latest service pack
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard, Enterprise and Web Edition
  • Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 or later
  • Windows 2003 Server Standard, Enterprise or Web Edition
  • Windows Vista
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux, version 3 or 4 (AS, ES and WS products)
  • Sun Solaris SPARC 9 and 10
  • Novell SUSE Linux (x86) Enterprise Server 8 and 9

Browser support

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 SP1 and later (Windows operating systems only)
  • Mozilla version 1.7.3 and later
  • Mozilla Firefox® version 1.0 and later (Windows and Mac®)
  • Netscape® version 7.2. and later

VMware Requirements

  • VMware VirtualCenter version 2.01 or later
  • VMware ESX server version 3.01 or later

Blades Supported:

  • IBM blade chassis: BladeCenter, BladeCenter T, BladeCenter H, BladeCenter HT
  • Dell blade chassis: PowerEdge 1855, PowerEdge 1955
  • HP blade chassis: BladeSystem c-Class, BladeSystem p-Class
  • Generic blade chassis

Avocent managed appliance support

Digital KVM switches

DS1800 digital switches

DSR switch models: 800, 1010, 1020,* 1021,* 1022,* 1024,* 1030,* 1031,* 1161, 2010, 2020,* 2030,* 2035,* 2161, 4010, 4020,* 4030,* 4160, 8020,* 8030,* 8035*

*These models contain a modem port for use with the DSR switch remote operations software.

Cyclades KVM/net KVM over IP switch

Cyclades KVM/netPlus KVM over IP switch

Console management appliances

Cyclades ACS advanced console server

All CCM console management appliances

CPS810 and 1610 serial over IP network appliances

Power devices

Power devices are supported on Cyclades ACS, CPS and CCM appliances and on all
DSR switches that contain one or more SPC ports.
  • Avocent SPC power control devices
  • Server Technologies Sentry Switched CDU CW-8H1, CW-8H2, CW-16V1, CW-16V2, CW-24V2, CW-24V3, CW-32VD1 AND CW-32VD2 (supported models may change; contact Avocent Technical Support for current information)*
  • Cyclades PM IPDUs: PM8i-10A, PM10-15A, PM10-20A,
PM10-L20A, PM10-L30A, PM10i-10A, PM10i-15A,
PM10i-16A, PM10i-20A, PM10i-L30A,
PM10i-32A, PM10i-32Au, PM20-20A, PM20-L20A,
PM20-L30A, PM20i-16A, PM20i-20A,
PM20i-30A, PM20i-30Au, PM20i-L30A, PM20i-32A,
*CPS appliances do not support.

Service processor managers

MergePoint 5200 series of service processor managers

Generic appliances

Data center devices such as UPS, HVAC and environmental monitoring devices may be managed with DSView 3 software by launching a standard Web browser to the device URL or opening a Telnet session.

Supported modems

The following modems and serial PCI cards are supported by the DSView 3 software, provided the modems are supported on the DSView 3 server operating system.

  • Perle PCI-RAS 4 and PCI-RAS 8, which are backwards compatible with Perle V90 Modem
  • Equinox SST MM 4p Modem
  • Equinox SST 4p Serial
  • Eicon DS series ISDN BRI-2M
  • Eicon DS series ISDN 4BRI-8M
DSView 3 software also supports the USR3453B - Courier 56k external modem.
NOTE: The modems listed are not supported on Sun Solaris SPARC operating systems.

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