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Data Centre Facilities arrow Data Centre Cooling Optimization arrow AisleLok Modular Containment: Rack Top Vertical Baffle 10161

AisleLok Modular Containment: Rack Top Vertical Baffle 10161

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The AisleLok® Rack Top Baffles are a key component of Upsite’s AisleLok® Modular Containment solution and are available in two configurations: Angular (30° from horizontal) and Vertical (90° from horizontal).

  • The Angular Baffles are designed for cold aisle application, and Vertical Baffles for hot aisle application. 
  • Quick and easy magnetic mounting allows for a fully deployed containment solution in minutes, with minimal disruption to the computer room. 
  • Simple installation and modular design allows AisleLok® Modular Containment components to easily be removed, relocated, repositioned, and reused as your data center needs change.


  • Fits common rack widths, allowing for easy, off-the-shelf ordering. 

  • Can be installed directly out-of-the-box without any tools. 

  • Attaches directly to top of the rack magnetically. 

  • Clear material construction provides maximum light transmissibility. 

  • Adjustable magnetic mounting tails can be positioned to fit the top of most cabinets. 

  • Baffles can be reconfigured to either a vertical or angular application as needed. 

  • Does not interfere with most overhead cabling configurations. 

  • UL94 flammability rated materials.


  • Supports reduced energy costs by providing the opportunity to increase set point temperatures and/or turn off cooling units or reduce fan speeds. 

  • Supports increased reliability and availability of IT equipment by reducing server intake temperatures. 

  • Allows for higher rack densities. Prevents hot air recirculation. 

  • Flexible design allows the containment system to adapt as the computer room evolves. Lower initial cost than traditional containment. 

  • Modular design and out-of-the-box installation does not require 3rd party design, engineering, or construction, which minimizes computer room disruption.

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