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LANDesk Server Manager

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LANDesk® Server Manager by Avocent provides a single console for multi-vendor enviroments to monitor and manage server availability and reduce operational costs.

The Avocent LANDesk Server Manager solution provides all of the tools you need to plan, deploy and manage your server infrastructure throughout its life cycle. It combines systems management features such as provisioning, patch management, inventory, monitoring and alerting with remote management capabilities including KVM, Virtual Media, power control, service processors and serial console through integration with Avocent DSView® 3 management software. The solution ensures you have all of the tools required to provide reliable services and respond to incidents quickly, enabling an always on service delivery.

LANDesk Server Manager triggers a lifestyle change in the way you manage your data center allowing server operations to move from a reactive mode, where servers are managed in a one by one fashion, to a proactive and controlled mode, where deployments and changes are planned and tested once before being deployed many times using reusable modular configuration templates. The consistency and conformity that this approach brings creates a solid foundation or baseline so that configuration changes can be planned and deployed in a controlled and reliable manner. This leads to higher levels of operational efficiency and highly reliable systems that remain secure and compliant with corporate server policy.

LANDesk Server Manager allows for heterogeneous server environments to be managed in a more homogeneous way by allowing standard configurations of servers to be managed and deployed in the data center across multiple physical and virtual server platforms. The “design once” and “deploy many” methodology provides a high degree of control and allows for automation of major operational tasks such as provisioning, patching and software distribution.

When used in combination with Avocent DSView 3 software, the scope of server operations is extended to include a complete out-of-band management solution. This approach complements the systems management functionality of LANDesk Server Manager by allowing for always on remote access to server hardware that is a requirement of lights out data centers and delivers true remote management.

InterContinental Hotels Group


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Key Features

Use LANDesk® Server Manager to save time, define your own degree of automation, realize an immediate return on your investment, improve service levels and maintain high server performance through:

  • Exclusive, secure server management over the Internet
  • Security and performance monitoring
  • Predictive failure analysis
  • Remote problem resolution
  • Software license monitoring
  • Software and OS deployment

LANDesk Server Manager supports enterprise servers, commodity servers and blade servers with low-impact management services. You can choose your level of management coverage—from simple information gathering to extended performance analysis, security and configuration control.


Exclusive, Secure Server Management over the Internet

LANDesk® Server Manager’s customizable dashboard view provides access anytime, anywhere to current server health in real-time. Plus, active in-band and out-of-band monitoring offers the power to predict and repair many issues before they become problems, so you can ensure maximum server availability. Integrated active vulnerability scanning, patch selection and patch distribution tools help you keep up with critical server updates and maintain performance and security for each server, regardless of OS or hardware configuration.

Predictive Failure Analysis

LANDesk® Server Manager helps your IT staff get a better handle on uptime and become more efficient at making decisions by providing a mixture of historical and real-time data. Centralized log management and an alert management system combine with other tools for a complete view of service performance that helps you prevent problems and keep your servers running.

Remote Problem Resolution

LANDesk® Server Manager's advanced problem resolution capabilities let you identify and repair performance issues before they become problems. Launch an application-layer remote control session to resolve configuration issues, plus use reports to identify trends and pinpoint the specific component failures that trigger system failures.

Software License Monitoring

With LANDesk® Server Manager’s software license monitoring abilities, you can compare software used versus software purchased and deny access to unauthorized applications.

Software and OS Deployment

LANDesk® Server Manager enables you to provision your servers with an OS and necessary applications using PXE to speed the process while requiring minimal bandwidth. And support for Windows PE and its 32-bit environment enables even faster OS deployment.

Enterprise Benefits

With LANDesk® Server Manager you can:

  • Proactively plan for capacity and upgrades and access usable data through log consolidation, grouping and software license monitoring.
  • Remain in control of the patch management process with user-defined degrees of automation.
  • Realize fast ROI with intuitive alert, agent and dashboard configurations that provide immediate value.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and meet company service levels with broad platform support.
  • Maintain high server performance with access to high levels of insight and control with minimal intrusion on the server operating environment.

Learn more in the LANDesk® Server Manager product brochure.


What Customers Say About LANDesk® Server Manager

“LANDesk® Server Manager gives us greater insight on how our servers are running and allows us to be more productive. It makes it easier for us to ensure application availability and that servers are up and will stay up and running all the time.”

Luke Doherty
IT Manager
InterContinental Hotels Group

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