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Power Tower XM

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Link a PTXM to any PTXL to group outlets on different power circuits

The Sentry Power Tower Expansion Module (PTXM) is our exclusive method for linking units on different power circuits together to increase the density of managed outlets per IP address.

Each PTXM links to a PTXL, which contains both network and serial interfaces. When linked to a PTXL, the PTXM’s power outlets are auto-discovered by the PTXL’s firmware, and all available outlets are viewable and controllable through the firmware.

For most data centers, dual-power supply servers and network gear have become the standard. With the PTXL & PTXM solution, each dual-supply device can be grouped and rebooted via a power cycle to that device.


  1. Link the PTXL & PTXM together
  2. The PTXL’s firmware interface auto-discovered the PTXM’s outlets
  3. Create a group name for each dual-corded server and associate the outlets on different power circuits with that device (i.e, A1 & B1)
  4. When a dual-corded device needs to be rebooted, log in to the PTXL and choose that device’s group -–a single command to reboot multiple outlets on different power circuits.

An unlimited number of groups can be created between the PTXL & PTXM.Additionally, any combination of outlets between the PTXL & PTXM can be associated with each group.

Remote Power Control

Individual or group outlet remote power control to cycle power and reboot any selected server(s) or other network device(s).  Use TCP/IP (HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, Telnet, SNMP) or RS-232 to communicate with each Sentry and rectify locked-up network devices. Assign outlets to a group for control of dual-power supply servers and other gear with a single command.  Create an unlimited number of groups with any combination of outlets associated to each group. 

Specifications and Features

**See detailed specifications for the Power Tower XL  

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