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RF Code

RFCode Logo

RFCode is headquartered in Austin, TX, USA. RF Code is a solid manufacturer of Active RFID tags, which QDS has incorporated into their DC Insight solution.  RFCode RFID tags are used by F100 companiies, large governmental agencies, leading healthcare institutions, among others, our offerings are the market’s most affordable, easiest to deploy solutions.

Asset Tag

Asset Tag

Truly efficicent asset management, security, and capacity and change planning solutions require accurate, reliable asset location data. RF Code RFID asset tags - available in a variety of form factors suitable for use with almost any enterprise asset - re
Reader & RTLS Devices

Reader & RTLS Devices

A variety of environments and situations that call for asset management, asset tracking, and environmental monitoring. When deployed in concert with RF Code RFID asset and sensor tags, our readers give customers an unparalleled asset management solutions
Software - Asset Manager

Software - Asset Manager

RFID software includes Asset Manager and Sensor Manager products that provide complete real-time IT asset management and environmental monitoring solutions. Each product works in conjunction with RF Code’s RFID tags and readers, providing up-to-the minute
Wire-free environment sensors

Wire-free environment sensors

Ideal for monitoring in real time the environmental conditions in IT dense areas such as data centers and offices, RF Code’s completely wire-free approach to environmental monitoring is an affordable, flexible alternative to traditional wired environmenta
Wire-free Rack PDU sensors

Wire-free Rack PDU sensors

RF Code’s R170 tags integrates with ServerTech CDUs or Geist PDU to allow power monitoring information to be transmitted an utilized by RF Code's wire-free radio frequency infrastructure.

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