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FireKing Mixed Media

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Computer Media is so easily damaged, manufacturers recommend computer media not be exposed to temperatures over 125°F or humidity over 85%. Even a hot mug of coffee represents a real hazard, so imagine what a small fire would do. In the lower data portion of the FireKing DP2150M Data Safe, computer media is protected from fire, dust, magnetic fields, unauthorized access, accidental damage and electrostatics. The walls and doors provide the ultimate in protection by incorporating layers of heat absorbing material, fireproof insulating foam and a tough steel casing. The data portion of the safe is isolated. The upper portion of the safe is designed to provide similar protection for paper records. The records portion is designed to protect paper contents, which are vulnerable to temperatures above 350°F, for a full hour.

UL Fire and Impact Tests

The data portion of the safe must maintain an interior temperature less than 125°F and an interior relative humidity less than 80% for class 125, when exposed to fire as per the Standard Time Temperature Curve for 3 hours to 1925°F. It must undergo all other requirements for the Fire Endurance Test, the Explosion Hazard Test, the Humidity Test, and the Fire and Impact Test. Basically, no explosion through 30 minutes to exposure to a 2000°F fire and immediate 30 foot drop test and a standard reheating for one hour to 1700°F.

The UL test for the records portion calls for the safe to be heated to 1550?for 30 minutes then dropped onto concrete rubble from a height of 30 feet. Then it is inverted and reheated for another 30 minutes. The safe must maintain its integrity throughout the test and protect all contents.

DP2150-M: 1290 lbs, 6.1 cubic feet records capacity, 4.4 cubic feet data capacity

Internal Dim. Paper:
19 1/2 " Height
26 3/4 " Width
20 29/32 " Depth

Internal Dim. Data:
24 5/16 " Height
18 5/8 " Width
16 11/16 " Depth

External Dimensions:
59 3/4 " Height
32 1/16 " Width
31" Depth
Int. Options Paper S-21 fixed shelf
Int. Options Data CM19-FS fixed shelf CM-19-CD composite drawer
3.5 Floppy Capacity 6 Drawers 536 per Drawer 3216 Total
3480 IBM Capacity 4 Drawers 51 per Drawer 204 Total
4 mm DAT Capacity 7 Drawers 125 per Drawer 875 Total
8 mm DAT Capacity 7 Drawers 72 per Drawer 504 Total
CD ROM Capacity 4 Drawers 123 per Drawer 492 Total
DLT Capacity 5 Drawers 42 per Drawer 210 Total
Iomega ZIP Capacity 5 Drawers 128 per Drawer 640 Total


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