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LANDesk Inventory Manager

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Hardware and software inventory management with single-console simplicity.

LANDesk® Inventory Manager lets you see, monitor and maintain assets in all your hardware and software inventories while simplifying compliance monitoring and audits. Its unified asset repository brings information together, so you can turn raw data into pure business intelligence. You can discover networked computing devices, maintain detailed inventories, gather and track custom data, plan upgrades and maintenance, quickly respond to audits and more.

Key Features

Use LANDesk® Inventory Manager to automate key IT asset management tasks through:

  • Inventory scanning
  • Software license monitoring
  • Reporting

Inventory Scanning

LANDesk® Inventory Manager uses LANDesk’s extended device discovery to offer a scalable discovery process for real-time, subnet-level tracking of unmanaged networked devices, even if those devices have a firewall enabled. You can see easily what you have, where it is and how it’s being used.

Simply scan the network and identify any IP-enabled device to obtain an accurate picture of your IT assets. Plus you can even find misplaced or forgotten computers, printers and routers. You can also gather basic inventory data or detailed hardware, software and OS configuration data. Easy-to-use query tools help you analyze inventory data and group assets according to attributes. And automated inventory scans help you understand what you have, without manually gathering data.

Software License Monitoring

Gain the power to recover unused licenses and reduce unnecessary software purchases using LANDesk® Inventory Manager’s advanced software license monitoring capabilities. And see which software is actually in use—not just what's installed.


LANDesk® Inventory Manager’s extensive reporting tools and business intelligence reporting capabilities help you demonstrate license compliance for both internal and external audits. You can also quickly examine OS and application data to plan upgrades, identify security issues and determine purchase needs.

Enterprise Benefits

With LANDesk® Inventory Manager you can:

  • Control costs and increase efficiency by quickly and easily knowing what you have, where it is and how it’s being used.
  • Demonstrate asset and license compliance with active device discovery and inventory, software license monitoring, easy database query and powerful reporting tools.
  • Respond to audit requirements and reduce litigation risk by easily gathering, tracking and reporting on hardware, software and service use throughout your enterprise.
  • Boost efficiency and improve planning with extensive business intelligence reporting.

Learn more in the LANDesk® Inventory Manager product brochure


What Customers Say About LANDesk® Inventory Management Capabilities

"The inventory management function significantly increases the efficiency of operating system and software migrations. Now it takes just a few seconds to request data on the hardware that needs to be replaced before a migration. Naturally, this saves us time and money in the support team, as well as increasing the productivity of our users."

Jörg Gieselmann
Systems Consultant
Bertelsmann AG


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