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News & Events News & Events Case Study: QDS Helps Major Hong Kong Power Company Avoid Costly Downtime with RF Code Solution

Case Study: QDS Helps Major Hong Kong Power Company Avoid Costly Downtime with RF Code Solution


Data centers -- and the valuable data they provide -- are the most influential currency for maintaining a business's competitive advantage. But this advantage comes with considerable expense. With the cost of power rising globally, data center optimization and efficiency is critical to controlling expenditures while ensuring continuous availability.


QDS was engaged by one of Hong Kong’s largest power companies to improve the energy efficiency of its data centers. With Hong Kong power costs expected to rise by 40% in the next five years, this client -- which, like many leading companies in the highly competitive Mainland China and Hong Kong markets require confidentiality regarding internal business processes -- understands that the ability to monitor and control all modes of power generation, transmission and distribution is vital to ensuring operational efficiency and providing the highest possible quality and value to the nearly half a million homes and businesses they serve.


Please click HERE to download detail information, and see why QDS was the clear choice for the enhanced visibility this client needed, providing: 

    • a powerful yet affordable solution that was both easy to deploy and easy to integrate with their existing systems
    • the continuous flow of accurate data this power company needed to take a proactive approach to disaster prevention
    • the flexibility and scalability to grow and expand as the client's needs change in the future


RF Code is a strategic partner for QDS in Hong Kong and mainland China. Together, QDS and RF Code have secured a solid foundation of major global brand clients with a full-suite monitoring, tracking, DCIM and professional services solution.








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