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Services General Data Centre Cooling Optimization

Data Centre Cooling Optimization

Typical QDS Cooling Optimization Project Schedule Typical QDS Cooling Optimization Project Schedule

Quantum Data Systems (H.K.) Ltd provides products (through our SI/reseller partners) and computer room environmental diagnostic and remediation services designed to increase cooling effectiveness without requiring any downtime. Our goal is to enable computer rooms to reliably and efficiently achieve the recommended optimum temperature and relative humidity conditions at the air intake of computer and communication equipment, while minimizing capital investment in cooling infrastructure.

Our cooling optimization service utilizes the DC Insight Wire-Free Environment Monitoring Solution to capture data before and after the project. Post project, we provide a data-driven analysis and report for our customers.

Increase Data Center Reliability by Optimizing Your Existing Cooling Infrastructure

Common Cooling Optimization Steps and Products Common Cooling Optimization Steps and Products

KoldWorks is a suite of specialized engineering and educational services that enhance data center performance without additional capital investments. You will be able to:

  • Boost data center reliability
  • Optimize your current cooling infrastructure
  • Enable precision cooling to eliminate hot spots
  • Dramatically reduce bypass airflow
  • Assist with data center ASHRAE compliance
  • Understand the dynamics of your data center, including cooling requirements and deficiencies

Comprehensive Diagnostic and Remediation Computer Room Services

As data center rack densities increase and thermal loads rise, many organizations resort to adding cooling capacity. However, increasing the number of cooling units does not equate to precision cooling.

To achieve cooling efficiency and optimize your capacity, you must eliminate the loss of chilled air through unsealed cable openings, as well as look at key factors such as the location of perforated tiles, relative humidity, underfloor plenum airflow, computer-room layout, and power consumption - all of which affect the performance of your mission-critical data center.


KoldProfile is a survey of your data center cooling to determine the three measurements of data center cooling health based on published standards from ASHRAE and The Uptime Institute:

  • Data Center Hot Spots—Temperature and Relative Humidity
  • Bypass Airflow—To regain lost conditioned airflow
  • Cooling Margin Available—To cool additional equipment

This service takes approximately 1-2 hours depending on data center size and includes the following activities:

  • Count & size raised floor openings to estimate the percentage of bypass airflow
  • Measure cabinet air intake temperatures to determine the presence of hot spots
  • Measure relative humidity of any identified hot-spots
  • Sum cooling unit rated cooling tonnage and convert to kW
  • Sum cooling unit rated airflow in CFM
  • Sum computing equipment power load in kW
  • Determine the presence of Latent cooling and its associated Latent cooling penalty

After the survey on the data center floor, you will receive:

  • Verbal discussion of findings and recommendations
  • Written KoldProfile report detailing findings and recommendations

The KoldProfile is helpful for data centers with hot spot concerns and/or installing new, high heat density computing equipment in the near future.


Understand the science and issues behind effective data center cooling with KoldSeminarSM, a half-day, on-site seminar. The comprehensive session educates key stakeholders from both Facilities and IT departments. KoldSeminar includes a data center profile, a cooling orientation, and practical solutions for high-density data center cooling issues.


  • An estimate of data center cooling efficiency/inefficiency
  • A walk-through of your data center to estimate relevant measures of
    cooling health
  • The identification of horizontal and vertical hotspot zones
  • A survey of computer room layout comparisons to industry recommendations and best practices
  • A cooling orientation that includes computer room environmental issues, precision cooling, control of bypass airflow, Cold and Hot Aisle, and cooling unit placement
  • Discussion of practical solutions for high-density data center cooling issues


KoldCheckSM diagnostic services allow you to regain control of your cooling environment by taking a closer look at your data center infrastructure. Based on the level of your needs, Upsite data center experts evaluate your computer room to determine ways to optimize your existing cooling investment.

Upon completion of the on-site review, Upsite engineers present a comprehensive report with data and recommendations to solve existing and projected problems cost effectively.

Comprehensive Analysis of Key Data Center Conditions

  • Cooling conditions: A review of existing cooling conditions, such as a survey of rack/cabinet temperatures, measurement of room temperature and humidification patterns, analysis of room recirculation patterns, and inspection of cooling units.
  • Airflow conditions: Analysis of current airflow conditions, including perforated tile layout, underfloor airflow, perimeter breaches, and raised-floor bypass area and bypass airflow volume.
  • Critical power conditions: A look at current power conditions that includes a comparison of power consumption vs. system capacity, indentifies power distribution limits, quantifies rack utilization, and identifies raised-floor bypass area and bypass airflow volume.
  • General room conditions: An overall assessment that surveys the make-up air system, equipment layout, cabling management, and room contamination (including debris and dust).


Sample pages from a typical airflow improvement report presentation Sample pages from a typical airflow improvement report presentation

Get more cooling capacity from your existing data center infrastructure with KoldTuneSM remediation services. KoldTune goes a step further than KoldCheckSM by solving identified cooling-related problems, which can help you improve the stability, reliability, and efficiency of the data center raised-floor environment.

After a KoldTune, your data center will be able to cool more IT equipment with the existing cooling infrastructure and operate more efficiently.


  • Remediation plan: After an initial on-site visit to collect baseline information, Upsite designs a remediation work plan and assigns an engineering team.
  • Airflow rebalancing: The Upsite team provides complete airflow rebalancing and custom solutions for sealing all reasonably accessible unmanaged openings in the raised floor.
  • Perforated tile adjustment: The team adjusts the number and location of perforated tiles.
  • Cooling unit adjustment: The team recalibrates set points and humidity controls on cooling units, and possibly turns off excess capacity.
  • Airflow recirculation: The team addresses room and rack airflow recirculation.
  • General tuning recommendations: The team provides recommendations for general tuning of the raised-floor environment.
  • Post-remediation analysis: The team analyzes the room after remediation to capture improved conditions.
  • Valuable reporting: Upon completion, Upsite provides a report that details efficiency improvements, a model of plenum airflow, and recommended practices for future equipment installation and configuration.

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