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Real-Time Location Physical Asset Tracking and Management

Fully automated, real-time asset tracking solutions that significantly reduce the time and cost of tracking and managing IT assets.

Standard Asset Tag for Server Racks Asset tack on blade servers Asset Tag on Laptops

Data Center Asset Tracking

Different Levels of Visibility for Different Data Center Needs

Knowing what’s in your inventory, where that inventory is at any point in time and how those assets are affects both your bottom line and your compliance efforts. Without this information about your assets, your company is exposed to security, liability and financial risks.

We offer two levels of asset visibility in the data center, depending on your needs:

Rack Level Tracking. Taking advantage of infrared’s (IR) ability to “localize” or pinpoint asset location in a specific rack, this approach makes it possible to track assets down to the rack level. Zonal Level Tracking. Provides open- and closed-rack data centers with general room level location information.

ROI Within a Year

Our solutions provide rapid ROI:

  • Full automation that eliminates the high cost of manual labor
  • Cutting out costly wires and cables to power the solution. Our solutions typically cost 40% to
  • 50% less than other approaches.
  • Our quick, easy “peel and stick” design reduces deployment costs
  • The same infrastructure for asset tracking and environmental monitoring leverages your existing infrastructure purchase.

Flexible Architecture

Asset Tracking Solution Architecture

Many Tag form-factors to suit your needs

M120-i IR Asset Tag

M100 Asset Tag

M172-i IR Durable Tag

M172-i IR Durable Tag

R110 Flex-Mount Tag

R110 Flex Mount Tag

R114-i IR Flex Mount Tag

R114-i IR Flex Mount Tag

  R100 IT Asset Tag

R100 IT Asset Tag

R104-i IR Asset Tag

R104 IR IT Asset Tag

R142-i IR Badge Tag

R142-i IR Badge Tag


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