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AirBlock Rack Cap with Hard Top Panel or Melt-Away Tiles

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The AirBlock Aisle Containment Ceiling System incorporates a simple design and quality materials for the ideal ceiling or cap solution in your data center. Control temperatures in both hot aisle and cold aisle containment applications. Use AirBlock melt-away ceiling tiles which virtually disappear in the event of a fire, allowing your sprinkler system full range, and allowing you to meet the requirements of your local fire marshal.



  • Assembled from cleanroom-grade, fully gasketed, 2-inch t-bar grid, made from extruded 6063 T-5 aluminum for maximum strength.
  • Extrusion includes a threaded track running the entire length to accommodate installation from suspended cable trays or an existing ceiling.
  • Ceiling grid supports lights, tiles, fan units and ductwork.
  • Available with U.L-approved, F.M.-approved melt-away ceiling tiles that give your sprinkler system full range in case of fire. Panels can be easily trimmed for size.


  • Installation is easy with the pre-assembled grid. Assembly requires a minimum of tools and labor.
  • Fully adjustable Z-bars or riser panels allow you to adjust the ceiling grid for your particular application.
  • Ceiling grid is based on standard 2’x4’ panels, so insert panels solutions are easy to find.



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