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LANDesk Patch Manager

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Complete patch management with single-console simplicity.

Keeping pace with the constant stream of patches is an ongoing drain on your IT staff as they research, evaluate, test and apply patches across the enterprise. LANDesk® Patch Manager is the subscription service that helps you automate vulnerability assessment and patch management throughout your heterogeneous network environment. It helps you establish and maintain baseline security, stability and performance for your applications and operating systems, which translates into increased productivity, uptime and peace of mind.

Key Features

LANDesk® Patch Manager lets you automate vulnerability assessment and patch management across your organization's heterogeneous IT environment. It helps you establish and maintain baseline security, stability and performance for your applications and operating systems through:


With LANDesk® Patch Manager you can actively scan your managed computers against industry-standard information sources to identify application and operating system vulnerabilities. Quickly identify and download the patch associated with each vulnerability. And with a single click you can  research requirements, dependencies, interactions and known issues for each patch.


LANDesk® Patch Manager lets you select targets and choose a remediation method directly from the list of detected vulnerabilities. You can use autofix remediation or your own established policies and always move from problem to solution more quickly. Schedule distribution tasks to apply patches to individual computers or groups of computers by integrating with your existing directory, such as Windows Active Directory. And use exclusive LANDesk® software distribution technologies to deploy patches more quickly and efficiently.

Analysis, Reporting and Alerting

LANDesk® Patch Manager lets you set up email or pager alerts when a vulnerability or a specific severity level is detected. It also monitors the status of each install and displays the status on screen, so you can track remediation and ensure that each patch attained its target. When remediation is complete, easily audit each target machine to ensure correct configuration and report successful remediation.

The LANDesk® patch management software solution helps your enterprise establish and maintain baseline patch security, stability and performance for your applications and operating systems. You can establish policies that automatically install specific patches for specific operating systems, plus you can download and install new patch deployments automatically as they become available with autofix remediation.

Using LANDesk Patch Manager you can access exclusive LANDesk® Targeted Multicast™ technology that minimizes the bandwidth used when distributing large packages to multiple users, without requiring dedicated hardware or router reconfigurations. You can also tap LANDesk® Peer Download™ technology that leverages local bandwidth efficiency to access packages that were already delivered to a subnet. The LANDesk patch management solution lets you use these technologies to pre-stage patches to each local system cache and then quickly perform patch installation once approved by your change control board. You're able to carry out patch security on vulnerable systems and maintain patch management security policies across your network more quickly and efficiently.

Enterprise Benefits

With LANDesk® Patch Manager you can:

  • Boost productivity and reduce headaches by quickly evaluating systems with active vulnerability scanning.
  • Maximize peace of mind by identifying vulnerabilities against industry-standard information sources.
  • Gain control with a single tool to research, review and download available patches.
  • Increase system uptime and user satisfaction by remediating known vulnerabilities through automated targeting and patch distribution.
  • Mintain patch currency and save time by establishing active patch management policies.

Learn more in the LANDesk® Patch Manager 9 Product Brochure 


What Customers Say About LANDesk® Patch Manager

“Now we can secure and patch our entire environment in one hour with a single engineer. LANDesk saves us at least 280 man-hours per patch.”

Edward Skaff
Exempla Healthcare


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