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We cover 6 major areas in the IT/Data Center industry. They are

  • Data Center Facility
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • Media Publishing, Labelling, Storage and Disposal
  • Technical Furniture for Data Centers, NOC and Laboratories
  • Professional Audio Video Connectivity and Extension
  • Ergonomic Mounting and Mobility Applications

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Avocent DSView 3 - Winner of the PCM Biz IT Excellence 2010 award in data centre management software

Quantum Data Systems (H.K.) Ltd, as Avocent's distributor for Hong Kong, is proud to annonce Avocent DSView 3 has won the PCM Biz IT Excellence 2010 award.  Avocent DSView 3 has been recognized as the must-have in data-center energy saving program.  Avocent's DSView 3 has won numerous awards worldwide.  Yet, to be recognized locally in Hong Kong, gives us that extra pride to serve our customer with this excellent solution.

DSView 3 combine with Power Manager plugin, offers ground-breaking insight into data center operation, power consumption and environment data (e.g. temperature and humidity).

The DSView 3 integrated approach allow data center operaters to monitor, manage and secure their data center all in one familiar user interface.

The original article about Avocent DSView 3 winning the Biz.IT Excellence 2010 award (Written in traditional chinese)

More about the Biz.IT Excellence awards (Written in traditional chinese)


Avocent HMX KVM over IP extension now equipped with Sharemode


Having to display what is on your screen and share with multiple audiences? Now with HMX Sharemode feature create flexibility and increase productivity for:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Malls (Billboard)
  • Manufacturing ... & more

For example in Healthcare industry, IT has to be available for doctors and patients (electronic medical records, results, etc.) 24/7; Downtime can have impact to the accuracy within healthcare facility or system.

Find out more about the Avocent HMX KVM over IP extension solution

Note: Currently only HMX1070 / 2050 is equipped with Sharemode.


Choosing your Liebert Rack-mountable Network UPS

For small server room with a few racks, an enterprise-class UPS such as the NX or NXe series might be a little excessive.  Liebert has a series of small rack-mountable UPS ranging from 500VA - 3000VA works very well for these situations. For >3kVA UPS, it does not require hard-wiring. You can plug these units directly into your BS-1363 (13A) socket using conventional C14 cables.

No hardwiring required for >3kVA UPS.  Power the unit with conventional C14 cables! No hardwiring required for >3kVA UPS. Power the unit with conventional C14 cables!


AMIE: You do not have any navigation items in this console context

AMIE URL Gotcha!

You have just installed a fresh copy of Avocent's MergePoint Infrastructure Explorer (AMIE), aka Data Center Planner and create a new user.  However, when you login with the new user, you are getting the "You do not have any navigation items in this console context. Contact the administrator."


If this is the case, please check your browser URL and make sure the "root" query parameter is set to "mergepoint" instead of "config".  When "root=config", that's the URL for the Avocent Management Platform not AMIE!



QDS @ DataCenter & Virtualization Summit 2010

QDS @ 2010 Data Center Virtualization Summit QDS @ 2010 Data Center Virtualization Summit


Thanks for those who visited our booth at the event!  We setup a demo and showcased DSView 3's integration with VMWare.  Users are able to open VM console directly in DSView.

QDS at Data Center & Virtualization Summit

QDS, together with Avocent and Emerson Network Power, will be hosting a booth at Data Center & Virtualization Summit in Sept 15&16, 2010 at Sheraton Hotel.  Come by and visit us.

Event Details

September 15 & 16, 2010

ComputerWorld Hong Kong - DataCenter & Virtualization Summit 2010

Sheraton Hotel
501 Cambridge House, Taikoo Place
979 King’s Road, Quarry Bay. Hong Kong


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