Weekly Digest – Q4 April 2024

Weekly Digest – Q4 April 2024

Why Demanding AI Workloads Need to Be Isolated in Their Own Environment Within the Data Center

In this insightful article, the critical need for isolating demanding AI workloads within their own environment within data centres is explored. As artificial intelligence continues to shape various industries, ensuring optimal performance and security becomes paramount. Key points include the resource-intensive nature of AI workloads, the benefits of isolation (such as preventing interference with other applications and enhancing security), proper resource allocation, cooling and power management considerations, and future-proofing strategies. By dedicating specific environments to AI tasks, organisations can unlock the full potential of AI while maintaining stability and scalability. Read the full article by clicking on the button below.

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How Managed Service Providers Use Sentry to Delight Customers & Boost Profits

In the article titled “How Managed IT Service Providers Use Sentry”, we delve into how managed IT service providers (MSPs) leverage Sentry, a powerful error tracking and monitoring tool. By understanding how MSPs utilise Sentry, we gain insights into enhancing application reliability and troubleshooting. Key points include error tracking, proactive monitoring, customised dashboards, integration with incident response workflows, and transparent client communication. Sentry is a vital tool for MSPs, enabling them to proactively manage errors, enhance application stability, and deliver exceptional service to their clients. Read the full article by clicking on the button below.

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Server Room Monitoring Truth: Do You Know the Real Cost of a Truck Roll?

In our partner’s article titled ‘Unveiling the True Expenses of Manual Server Room Monitoring and Reliance on Physical Truck Rolls for Maintenance,’ we delve into the concealed costs linked to manual server room monitoring and the dependence on physical truck rolls for maintenance. By understanding these costs, businesses can make informed decisions to optimise their monitoring strategies. The article emphasises the challenges of manual monitoring, the financial impact of truck rolls, and the benefits of adopting remote monitoring solutions. By minimising truck rolls and leveraging technology, organisations can enhance reliability and agility while reducing operational costs. Read the full article here.

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Building Management System Optimization: How Colo Facilities Make Their BMS Smarter

In the dynamic world of data centres, efficient management of building systems is paramount. The article explores how colocation facilities can enhance their operations by optimising their Building Management Systems (BMS). These systems provide centralised control over a building’s electrical and mechanical equipment, including cooling systems, power usage monitoring, and maintaining optimal conditions for servers. RF Code, known for its wire-free and active RFID sensors, plays a critical role in data centres. By integrating RF Code with their BMS, colocation providers can save time, reduce costs, and ensure efficient operations. A case study featuring DataVita, a Scotland-based colocation provider, highlights the successful deployment of RF Code environmental monitoring solutions across nearly 300 racks. The system not only enhances security but also meets client demands for elite standards. For more details, you can read the full article here.

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Raising Set Points with Confidence: How Precise Environmental Data Saved Cyxtera $1.2 Million

Cyxtera, a colocation and digital infrastructure service provider, faced cooling cost challenges in their data centres. Spending approximately $80 million per year on cooling, they sought a solution to optimise their set points. RF Code provided real-time, granular data at the rack level, allowing confident decisions about temperature adjustments. After limited integration, RF Code’s solution saved Cyxtera $1.2 million in cooling costs. This success highlights the value of advanced environmental monitoring in data centre efficiency. For more details, you can read the full article here.

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Colo Rental Rates are Rising: Are You Keeping Track of Your Power Utilisation?

Renting space in colocation data centres is becoming increasingly expensive. According to CBRE, colocation rates have surged 18.6% year-over-year, reaching a record high of $163.44 per kW/month due to limited supply and robust demand. As costs escalate, data centre professionals must focus on understanding their power pricing models, setting clear cost containment goals, and implementing effective power metering and monitoring technologies to optimise efficiency and manage expenses. For more details, you can read the full article here.

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